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My mother died in a nursing home on the 31st halaween anyway

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Hi my mother died in a nursing home on the 31st halaween anyway could I ask my mother left 15.000 pounds and I am the only living relative.a week ago I got a txt from my late brothers daughter saying she is claiming half the money from my mothers estate.well that was bit of a shock I didn't no she could do that can you help ,my brother my only brother committed suacide last year he was in financial difficulties. And I have no more brothers or sisters. I loaned my brother some money and was wondering if my niece has a claim well that's fair enough could I claim on his estat to recover the money I loaned him.. I feel terrible for asking this but my nice was strait on the ball as soon as my mother was burried. It's aurfull I am stressed enough

Thanks for your question. Assuming there is no will, your mother’s estate is divided between you and your niece, assuming she is an only child. She inherits in place of your late brother. The debt to you and any other debts and funeral expenses fall to be deducted from the total estate before the division takes place. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.

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