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My eletricity supplier keeps telling me I owe them £700+ but

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My eletricity supplier keeps telling me I owe them £700+ but i paid them >£600 of this in September, which they say they did not receive. My bank tells me they did & gave me a trasaction reference code, which I passed on to the supplier together with a request to sort out the situation asap so that I could then pay them up to date. I have had no reply from them & cannot get a reply without waiting indefinitely! I have given them notice of complaint & think I can now progress this to the ombudsman, since this has been ongoing at least since the end of September? They have never acknowledged my intention to complain - it is even difficult to find their complaints procedure. What more can I do?

What are you hoping to achieve?

Are they threatening to deduct from your account?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I want to pay them what I genuinely owe & switch to a supplier with better customer service.they won't allow a switch until I pay but ignore my version of my payments which i have reason to suspect have been paid into the wrong account ( my bank told me the reference no. on the Direct Debit which was very similar, but not identical to my account no. With the supplier).As yet they have not threatened me with deducting the money from my bank but I cancelled my DD for November so I know I didn't pay that - my contract with them will end in the spring so I may already have paid them for as much or more electricity thanI've used & fear overpaying & a fight to get the overpayment back. They're almost impossible to get a response from.

Yes, and you cannot force them to respond and certainly not to respond satisfactorily.

if they won't raise an invoice then you cannot pay it.

You can pay the sum you believe you owe and move suppliers.

Ultimately you cannot force them to engage though. In the end they would have to sue to get this sum of money and then they will have to prove what they allege

But in the meantime you need to be reasonable by making offers.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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