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A patient is threatening to leave bad reviews unless we

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A patient is threatening to leave bad reviews unless we agree to give him cut price surgical treatment. He says he has secretly recorded the surgeon during his last procedure and that the surgeon agreed to his price demands.
Obviously this is all outrageous. What I need to know is can I stop him from publishing our email correspondence (no disclaimer was included)
Is he attempting blackmail?
He has given me a deadline to agree to his terms or he will publish supporting evidence and audio recordings in an attempt to harm our business.
Is this a matter for the police?

Thank you for your question. Have you carried out an investigation as to what the surgeon did or did not say to this patient? This is a civil matter, not one for the police so the truth or otherwise of what the patient is saying is crucial as to the determination of how to deal with this.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Matthew,I would have hoped by now you’d had enough time to reach a decision whether you intend to honour the offer made to me by Hassan Nurien for 1500 grafts for £2250.00, the same price you charged me last time ‘Siimilis simili’.This issue will not go away so if you chose to bury your head in the sand without further reference to yourself: I put you on notice that unless your favourable response by close of business this Friday 19th January 2018 you will leave me no option but to publish my experience along with supporting evidence to the internet/social media, Facebook, Google reviews,etc etcIn the sincere hope you are willing to honour your commitment and act in an honourable manner I look forward to receiving available times and dates, as requested last Friday whilst still in your surgery at Sheffield, when my transplant can be done at your Sheffield treatment rooms.I think if it were me I would be asking myself if it’s really worth the risk of losing potential clients, who may read (or listen to the audio files) for the sake of a measly £850.00.From my point of view it is a matter of principle and would I would be willing to put this down to a simple miscommunication between the surgeon and yourself.Obviously it goes without saying, as a patient, I would expect to be treated without prejudice with the same level of care and professionalism as anyone else, who has not been forced to resort to this level of action.I thank you in anticipation for your positive

Have you investigated whether the surgeon offered a discount to the patient?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
The surgeon was concentrating on the surgery We have never had a patient try to negotiate with a surgeon before, especially during surgery
Surgeon says he can't remember what was said, he probably just agreed with him

You need to get your solicitor to issue a cease and desist letter to this person telling them to stop making communication with you and also that if false information is posted on social media a court action for damages will result. You will also seek the costs of such an action. A letter like that will generally be enough to stop someone if it is written properly and comes from a solicitor. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.

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