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Here is the situation been asked for money from a friend

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Here is the situationI am Constant been asked for money from a friend whom I have known for a while. She has also told me that if i do not give the money then my son will die. All of this conversation she doesnt do it via her phone instead she has created another acoc**t on yahoo and uses that to say all of this. I ended up stop talking to the person. her initial demand was for me to pay her 1100 a month and then i managed to get that down by having to lie and say I have taken a pay cut and now she is taking 700 from me every single month. As i have stopped talking to her she now send messages via my other half and asks my other half to say things like this
1.If he doesnt give money then kick him out of the house.
2. If he doesnt give money then insult him.
3. Anything like if a my son or my leg goes numb she says oh it the work of the witch which is why you getting this.
4. if you dont speak to me then you will have a accident and break your leg.When i was speaking to her she would tell me all of the following.
1. If you dont give the money then you will die.
2. If you dont give the money then your son will die.
3. If you dont give the money then your marriage will end.
4. If you dont give the money then you will become gay.
5. If you dont give the money then you will be kicked out of your house.She has been telling my wife to give her 650 a month under another lady's name and put it on taxes as she is coming to the house to do house work when she doesn't.As a result of this lady I am in constant stress and scared to get into my house.This thing has been going on for a very long time and she has also asked me in the past to get loans out for her and say things to me like oh if you give the money then you ll grow and stuff.All in all so far this woman has taken over 200k from me and its all cash. However, I had switched on google maps on my phone which tracks all the moments I make and it shows there that i left home and then i went to work and then i went to the bank and then her house to drop money and then back home. I also ended up recording a phone conversation with her where she said oh you give me 700, 200 for you, 200 for your son and 200 for your wife.With regards ***** ***** relation with her, I haven't had any sexual relationship with her and just know her for a long time. Initially i said i don't mind helping you as you are not working and not married but now she is married so she still takes money from me.I honestly don't know what to do with situation and hoping one of you esteem lawyers can answer the question for me.

Hi do you want to involve police?

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
If I do involve the police inside it then would the evidence that I have i.e. google maps and phone conversation be enough. And if I do get the police involved inside it then how do I go about it.Basically I dont expect to get the money back from her and just want to stop giving her the money and also stop her taking money from my other half and hence looking for the best way to get through it.

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