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I employed the sevices of a web designer to produce a

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Hi, i employed the sevices of a web designer to produce a website for my fledgling business a while ago. I paid him £2100 in two installments and he produced very little work, was very difficult to contact and then stopped responding to emails and calls etc altogether. After around a year in total from first employing him i decided enough was enough and asked for my site to be completed or my money back.
Still nothing so i was forced to say i would take him to the small claims court. He replied eventually and said he would complete the website, i said it was too late and he sent the work he had done so far. It was very poor and didn't work properly and after asking several other web designers if they could finish it they all said it would cost more to work out what he had done than just start again.
What i want to know is do i have a case?
And can i claim for the whole amount back as he did do some work even though it was useless?
And finally how do i calculate how much interest im due for loss of earnings or whatever as i have no idea how much trade the site would have done if it worked correctly?

You do have a case against the designer based on breach of contract. He didn’t provide what he was contracted to do and you can sue him if he refuses to repay you. Arguably you could claim other losses, such as any loss of business as a result of the sit not being completed although the calculation of your losses in that regard might be more difficult to prove. You can certainly claim everything you paid as his part work didn’t provide what was envisaged by the contract. You can sue online via money claim online. You can claim the current legal rate of interest. Happy to discuss further. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.

Further to my note above here is the link to moneyclaim online: In addition the Legal rate of interest is 8%.

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
As i have no written record of a contract only a verbal one (but i have kept all email correspondance) would this be a problem with proving he hasnt provided what i wanted?

The email correspondence is perfectly good evidence in a commercial case like this.