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Does the defendant,s counsel have a right to object to a

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Does the defendant,s counsel have a right to object to a person who is selected to serve on a jury ?

Yes, but it is a bad idea.

There are very rarely good grounds.

It is really designed for people the defendant recognises.

An unreasonable or frivolous objection would be dismissed and then the jury has a negative impression before the case has even begun.

Can I clarify anything for you?


Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I am writing a book whic h conc ludes with a Crown c ourt trial. My imagined plot line is for a cynical or sceptical barrister acting for the defendant, to make objections to one or more of selected jury member(s) based merely on a suspicion that they could be prejudiced against his clent. Are there any grounds which I could employ without the plot looking thin?

Well, there are lots of counsel with poor judgement. Just because it is a bad idea doesn't mean that people won't do it.

In fairness, usually we all find out that things are bad ideas because we do them and they blow up in our faces.

I suppose that there could be objection.

But the problem would be that the judge would want to know the grounds and unless it is something like a recognition it wouldn't succeed.

Unless, of course, the Judge got it wrong too which is regular enough

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