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I have been living in sheltered housing for 14 1/2 years.

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I have been living in sheltered housing for 14 1/2 years. Five years ago a man moved into the flat below mine and started to always be there when I left my flat, he was usually on the stairs or somewhere where he could talk to me. I thought nothing of it but then my neighbour opposite me asked me why this man was always in our hall in the middle of the night. I thought, 'he's just a nut, take no notice'. One day I was sitting on my loo, my front door is 2 yards away, and I was coughing. As I left the w.c. my doorbell rang and this man was outside and he said, 'The next time you are coughing like that, come down to me, I'll help you'. I was so angry that I shut the door in his face. That started it. He accused me of using a drill , dancing in clogs and running the water all night.He said all artists use a drill. I did show him how I paint in watercolour but he wouldn't believe me. He started coming up and bannging on my door at all times. I complained to the estate manager, Preeti and she called a 'reconciliation meeting'. There he was caught out in a lie which was recorded and told not to bother me again. He did not stop but changed to hammering on my door in the middle of the night. Preeti then got the police involved and when I said I had had to apologise to my neighbour opposite for the foul language and the hammering on my door they said' Good, a witness' and gave Jimmy a crime number and forbade him to come to the third floor. He stopped coming upstairs but Jimmy then started to bang on his ceiling. It is not every day or night but every week several times. This is ruining my sleep and frightening me. The council will do nothing. I had another witness who was here when he banged on his ceiling which horrified her. She wrote to the new estate manager, ***** ***** who ignored the email. I got the Ombudsman involved but have heard nothing and this is some months ago. I wrote three 'complaints' to the council on their Hounslow' web site, and then they say the first one was not a complaint which it was and I sent them a copy, then they say it only needs two witten complaints. They had revised their Complaints Policy ! The the 'boss' of the Estate Managers, Vicky Gbenga-Omole tried to say I had not complained during 6 months of 2016 but I have all the letters of complaint, over 30 stamped by the council office, for the last 5 years and so has the council as my councillor took them up to the council and had them copied. I had to call the police as Jimmy knocked on my door on Sunday December 10th at 7.30 am. as I was getting out of the shower. Not knowing it was him, he never knocks, always bangs, I put a towel around me and opened the door. He shouted something like 'You f**king bitch, turn it off' and ran down stairs. I called the police and they were there within an hour having read their information. They went to him and I could hear them shouting at him. They came back and apologised for not being able to arrest him, the crime number wa just out of date ! I emailed the estate manager. On Tuesday at 4.15 pm. There was a very loud bang from Jimmy as I found out that he had had a message he had to attend the office of the estate manager. He was furious the warden told me. The council has had to save money so we do not have live-in wardens, or even all-day wardens, they just come to see if we are dead yet.(that's what I say) I have accused the estate manager of waiting for Jimmy and me to drop dead, then they will not have a problem anymore. He is 77 and I am 79. The council is allowing him to ruin my last few years. I do know he came from the Tower Blocks at Brentford where he had terrible rows with other people, he told me at the beginning and he also told Walter who lives at no.4. I know he must have a mental problem, but the new estate manager said when she took over the job that ' I'm not moving him, he will just do it to someone else'. My name is Olivia ****** and I am in despair.

Hello Olivia my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

What is it you want to achieve please?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
my phone numbers (###) ###-####0714 or *********** House phone is best, I'm a bit deaf.

Ok - if you want a call, it is an extra cost, or we can keep it online.

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