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I am currently in a dispute with a contractor who we carried

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I am currently in a dispute with a contractor who we carried out an install for with regards ***** ***** final account
The project manager left through illness and the director is disputing my claim despite me providing evidence. He has agreed to pay the majority of variations despite claiming they are excessive to which I have providing extra evidence to back up my claim. He knows very little about the project as he only made one visit to site.
Basically at the pre contract meeting he made me promises that all containment would be complete by others and there would be a permanent project manager for the project. This then allowed me to offer a reduction in my point price by £7 per point.
However the project manager never visited site with regard to the fire alarm before he left the company in December and was replaced by the one who went off sick in May. His first visit was January. This resulted in me incurring costs to carry out project management duties myself which I still continued to do some of once the new PM took over.
There were also numerous issues with containment not being completed and me having to work in a non efficient manner to get the project complete.
I issued a full and detailed delay report in March with a costs and times etc. These costs amounted to £29,500 this did not take into account my time spent carrying out project management duties.
The total outstanding with Variations and lost time is £45,492.34 this has been owed since May/June 2017 i have made numerous offers to settle my last being £19,000. He will not come above£14,692.34. The last payments made were both late the first of around £10,000 was 2 months late with not reason given despite me helping them to claim the monies further up the line. The last of £2,500 was paid in September so was around 4 months late.
I can get the old project manager among others to back up all my claims if needed both in verbally and in writing they will also confirm that John made the promises in the pre contract meeting. I can also get the signing in sheets with prove I was on site carrying out the day works I stated on those days which is what it stated in my contract was to be used as a daywork sheet.
Even without the lost time if you took all of the variations and then added the £7 a point I reduced my point rate by the outstanding amount would be around £21,596.34 which all but around £2000-£2500 which is 2.5% retention to be held until 12 months following practical completion so May 2018 is over due . I am just wondering whether I would have a good case for my monies through court and what the costs would be plus time scales.
Kind RegardsAndrew Hewitt

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with your question today. I am reviewing it, please give me a moment.

What is it you want to achieve please?

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I want to receive a greater value than the £14,692.34 they have offered. As mentioned the outstanding amount is £45,492.34 without any allowance in that for the project management work I had to do.
I made a settlement offer of £19,000 which is well below what I wanted but was trying to get it resolved without the need of going through a legal dispute. With the variations and the £7 per point I reduced my point rate by would take me to £21,596.34 which I would accept. I want to know what my chances of a satisfactory settlement are and roughly how much it would cost and time it would take through the courts?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
did you get my last response?

I will call shortly.