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I have been receiving working tax credits for 2 year I own 5

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HelloI have been receiving working tax credits for 2 year
I own 5 properties that I rent out but don’t earn a lot of money as mortgaged
I also own a pet shop which I also owned for. Year but made big lossesI told working tax credit that I received the highest rate of disability benefit as I believe I did they are saying I didn’t so I said well if I didn’t you have it on your system you can amend itI then amended award and thought that was then end . In the meantime I attended a disabity tribunal and won the highest rate of disability benefit which was then backdated so it turns out I was correct after allI then get a compliance letter stating I have to attend an interviewI don’t want to attend an interview because these kind of things stress me out also because my bank accounts are complicated as I own business and property it looks like a lot of money going in when it isn’t if you know what I mean because I sometimes mix money up borrowing from here to there and juggle money . My accountant works it all out at the end of year but compliance won’t understand all thisI am very ill with autom immune desease and Hashimoto as well as depression and anxietyI have only been claiming benefits for 1 year and this is how I am treated when wanting a bit of help like a criminalI am not going to go because I can’t handld this stressWhat will happen . I have claimed 243 pounds per month for 1 year

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with your question today.

Did you declare that you have 5 properties?

Are you saying that notwithstanding you have 5 properties, that you do not know what you are doing with money?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Everything has been declared I put in my taxes every year nothing is dodgy
I declared I had a business everything declared

Ok - so what is the interview for? What do they suspect?

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