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My wife is accusing me of being physically abusive towards

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Good Day,My wife is accusing me of being physically abusive towards her and says she has reported an incident to the police and social services. She as also told many people that I have done this and I am an abuser.Her comments are untrue, hurtful and I feel libel.

What do you want to achieve?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We have been having marital problems since the passing of her mother through MND 4 years ago. I have been suffering through a lot of abusive text messages and comments. We have been seeing marriage guidance. She suffers now from ME and is under mental health. I wanted to separate since last September but her mental health went worse when I asked for this, she threatened to kill herself and also self-harmed by nipping and punishing herself. I just had to look after her but it left the situation very uncomfortable.Since Sunday (Mother’s Day) Michelle has been sending abusive and insulting messages about our kids.On Wednesday night, she decided to pick a fight with me and then call our 10-year-old daughter because she is not happy about how she is messing up the house. She upset her and what she said was evil and cruel. She said she was destroying our house and she is disrespectful and a disgrace.I was asked what I was going to do about it, it’s my fault I have brought her up wrong. I replied that this is because she has been absence for few years grieving for her dead mother. She proceeded to kick and punch me. She saw this was having no effect she decided to throw a hard object at me but missed. I asked for a divorce.She then went upstairs to my daughter’s room and shouted at her - are you happy this is all your fault your mum and Dad are splitting up.I came up stairs and told her what she said was sick in the head, my son, Owen who was in his room came out of his room and also said the same. I tried to comfort Marissa but she was hysterical and went to the bathroom crying. I went back to the bedroom and said I want you out of this house. She said she was going nowhere. I tried to pick her up to forcefully remove her. Owen told mean to put her down. I put her on the bed and told her never to speak to my daughter like that again.She got dressed and left the house. She came back 30 mins later and said sorry to me. I said I did not want her apology. She apologised to the kids too.The next day she went to her mental health nurse who saw her bruises from where I picked up, she went to the police and gave a statement.I had no intent on hurting her I just wanted to remove her from the house away from my daughter.She has since told several people that I physically abused her and I am an abuser and that she needs to safe guard herself and her children from me.I have assured her she is under no threat from me. My children certainly know that. They are 20,17 and 10. I also have a 23-year-old but he is in Aus.I have attached my son's statement.
An example of the messages she has been sending to several people
Her bruised arm
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ultimately I want a divorce and feel she should leave the house. She is not a fit mother sadly to say. I want her to retract all her comments she has made saying I am an abuser when I am not. I would like to issue her with a warning of this nature perhaps based on the evidence provided.

The best thing may well be to get a solicitor to write to her and point out that her actions are harassment and unless she stops then you will apply to the court either for an injunction to stop this or potentially damages.

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