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I play the bass guitar in my garage, which is attached to my

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I play the bass guitar in my garage, which is attached to my house and sound proofed as much as can be done. However , a new neighbour next door has set up an online business in his detatched garage .... not his dwelling, about 30 metres from my the back of my property and complains he can hear my music in the daytime ,and it disturbs him. I do not play in the evenings ,when he is in his house. Every one else has gone off to work, and whether he has council permission to run a business from his garage , I don't know. Now I don't want to be awkward or annoy anyone, but if we have the Twins here ,playing in the garden, that noise will affect him as well ,as my garden is right next to his garage.
In theory it means I have to keep really quiet during daylight hours. Please advise. Ivan

This is to do with the common law of nuisance and whether the facts support the neighbour’s contention that you are causing a nuisance as a matter of law. In the normal course, loud music coming from a private property would be construed a nuisance. However, if he in turn is only alleging nuisance because he is trying to work, then the issue of whether he is entitled to work in his garage, both in terms of planning and under the title deeds to the house, are avenues that you should investigate. In other words if he shouldn’t be working there then you can’t be causing a nuisance. Happy to discuss further. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited fro my time.

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