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In 2015 I fell out with a time friend, with whom I shared an

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Hello there, in 2015 I fell out with a long time friend, with whom I shared an office. We have some minor work formalities that we need to communicate to as we use to have a share a company (nothing major, mostly resolved) however sometimes there are various left over work matters which sometimes need to be addressed between us. This refers to an office we had in India. We are both UK nationals residing in London.
The person in question has quite an aggressive approach, and we liaise via email infrequently on past work matters, however the general tone of the contact is quite stressful for myself, and I want to eliminate direct contact via all mediums. The general approach is quite narcisstic and it does phase me. Ultimately I want him to be able to only contact via a solicitor, and have some form barrier between us, so he cannot directly contact me mainly for my own emotional wellbeing
He hasn’t done anything illegal, and I am querying what my options are and what services I can use to implement this,
With thanks

You can insist that all correspondence goes through a solicitor or other third party if you wish. If the aggressive ex-friend refuses to do so, and continues to harass you, you can either apply to court for an injunction to stop him contacting you except through your solicitor or you can ask the solicitor to warn him that if he carries on harassing you, he will be prosecuted for harassment. The statutory provision is the Protection from Harassment Act.

Simply the fact that you don’t want to hear directly from him is sufficient that if he continues to contact you, he is harassing you.

Can I clarify anything else for you?

I’m happy to answer any specific points arising from this.

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Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** nice response - are you able to provide your services for assisting as a solicitor here?