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Me and my flatmate moved in London 6 months ago as students.

Customer Question

Good afternoon!
Me and my flatmate moved in London 6 months ago as students. Both landlord and agency insisted to keep the existing contracts for electricity and water so he would pay by direct debit and we will transfer him monthly.
However I have been asking for the bills for 5 months and every time I received the same answer (don’t worry I have been paying regularly by direct debit, the amount is not high and to pay him later).
After 6 months, we received the electricity bill twice as estimated by him and the agency and a message saying that he was not aware of the fact that the agency has set up a contract for water on our names when we moved in. Obviously we were not aware of that either as they specifically sent us emails recommending to keep all the previous contracts.
Therefore I am wondering if the agency can make a contract on our names, without us being aware of that and if it’s alright to refuse to send us the bills for so long, considering that our cintract ends up at the begining of July.Kind Regards
Corina Voicu
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  ivorylounge replied 10 months ago.

Very often a landlord will in fact contact the supplier of electricity or gas and notify them of the change of name. Under such circumstance s you would get the bills sent to you win your name. I am as such aa little unclear as to what has been happening. Can you explain more

Expert:  ivorylounge replied 9 months ago.

Has this been resolved now?