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Is it my right as a mother to continue to see my daughter

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Is it my right as a mother to continue to see my daughter who is 7 as I have perental responsibility. Father and social worker are stopping me from seeing her.Daughter completly failed by the system and father controlling her telling her to say she doesn't want to see me.Daughter disclosed sexual abuse to police and mother 2 months ago. Now investigation wrongly closed. Daughter been in completly bias environment with fathers family. They told daughter to stop talking about the abuse. Now daughter to stressed to see mother because fathers family have brain washed her into saying mother is lying.father told lies about my health I have proved him wrong with GP and medical assessments but still my daughter is being kept from me with no contact for 6 weeks nothing at all. Daughter is torn axnxious and un safe ~ please help. Can I see her is it my right by law. I have PR ...I saw my daughter for one hour during supervised contact last week. After she expressed she would like to return home win mummy. This week I recieved a call from the social worker saying contact councilled my daughter was to stressed to see me , she wouldn't even say hello on the phone.Told it was her choice she called daddy to ask for his permission front of social worker he said it was her choice however I feel she is very much being controlled by him.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
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Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.

My name is Clare

I shall do my best to help you but I need some further information first

Are there any court orders in place?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
a restraining order preventing me from going to the school or fathers home or any attempt to contact either of them. On the grounds that I have emotionally harmed my daughter by telling her to say these things.I have only told the truth. The social worker is questioning my decision making because we travel to India regularly for my work and my daughters education.The police took Lilubelle from our home assuring us she would be going for a mediated interview somewhere neutral and safe they took her and confirmed she would be back the next day. We birth agreed and trusted them. They gave her to her fathers patents.Social workers did not come to assess me they believed her fathers lies and police wrongly took our daughter somewhere unsafe and extremly bias. The social workers only requested a well fair check up. However father rang the police and told them I was extremly mental and missing and would leave the country. All his fears and lies to cover up him exposed wrong doing.I contacted father the day before we disclosed to the police and he contacted them as soon as I shared what our daughter had said about the wrongness.

Have there been any Care Proceedings; or any orders made about who she should live with - if so when was it made?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
We are in the interim period. Order made on 06 Febuary, I agreed for her to stay with her father as long as the social workers gave full assessment she is back at school which is much better than being brain washed with his parents as she is in a neutral environment for 6 hours 5 days a week final hearing is not until August if I call it back to court where do I stand in getting parent agreement ~ is it illegal to stop me from talking to her on the phone a police officer tried to over ride the social worker at Easter but I still didn't get to talk to her can you please give me answers not questions
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Our daughter has been away from me since 03 Feb she has been with his parents for the whole time apart from the past 2 weeks she has been with him and his partner and new baby with full support and assessments from the social services.


Just for clarity have Social Services actually issues Care proceedings?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
This is most recent email from social services ~ I want to know my rights by law in seeing my daughter. And potentially bringing this back to court before August ...Dear Emma,I am sorry to hear that Lilubelle did not wish to attend contact on Thursday, particularly as you felt it had gone so well the week before.The reason that the matter has been brought to court is because the Local Authority issued care proceedings and an Interim Care Order was made on the 8th February 2018. I am sending you that Order by post, together with the most recent Order of 27th March 2018.This means that the LA have parental responsibility, shared with yourself and Jamie. However in effect the LA parental responsibility takes precedence over yours and Jamie’s and they can make decisions in respect of Lilubelle in accordance with their care plan..It was discussed before the last court hearing that the social workers were not going to force Lilubelle to attend contact if she did not wish to do so, and Becky Bird will be present to ensure that it is not Jamie putting pressure on Lilubelle not to attend. So if it is genuinely Lilubelle’s wish not to attend contact then they will not force her to do so. It sounds like she was also given a genuine option to speak with you on the phone which she also refused.In those circumstances I would advise that you work with Becky to find out what Lilubelle’s feedback was in respect of contact last week and why she didn’t want to attend on Thursday the 12th.Please contact me if you have any queries.Kind regardsRuth Slader | SolicitorDirect dial: 01225 326786 | Ext. 2084 | Mobile: 07966 144319Stone King LLP | Bath | Birmingham | Cambridge | Leeds | London
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Subject: Mothers contact rights

Do you have a solicitor acting for you?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
but she doesn't seem interested and engaging into my case that's why I have contacted u. Where are u based ?

If you are not happy with your solicitor then you can transfer your Legal Aid to another firm

You can find referrals to other suitable lawyers on the site

In fact it is the right of the child to spend time with parents - not the right of the parent.

In cases where there are Care Proceedings, it is not possible to take the matter back to court early simply to get contact - and I am afraid that Social Services do have the right to control telephone calls.

However the important person is the Guardian who has been appointed to speak for your daughter - concentrate on getting him or her on side as the court will view their report as important

Please ask if you need further details

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