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I am acting as an advocate for someone who has been

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hi i am acting as an advocate for someone who has been dismissed unfairly due to mental illness. the case is going to a hearing and we are at the stage of disclosure of documents. Lists should have been shared by the 9 April with each other relevant to the claims and to the grounds of resistance with a view to request and receive copies of documents in 14 days. i sent a list on the 9 April but was firmly told that i was mixing up request for evidence and should only list what is in my possession or control. which i have tried to do 3 times. They have not responded to me at all. I therefor wrote to the Tribunal office asking them to intervene. today they have informed me they want a copy of every email and file - even if they hold them already and have also requested copies of all correspondence between myself and the claimant, which i don't think they are allowed as it is deemed privileged. They have said they will send their bundle to me on Monday - however i have not seen the list yet. all of the information i hold they already have copies of, or originated from the respondent. it seems to me they are trying to make this task so big and onerous just to make it difficult. i'd value your thoughts/comments

Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today. Are you saying that the other side is not complying with the directions of the Tribunal?

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
The should have shared a list with us on the 9 April re documents we have in our control or posssenion that relate to the claim or resistance - but did not. i have sent a list which they came back and said it was not correct and confused with a request for evidence for the bundle. so i basically sent a list of all documents we hold, they already have copies of everything. or the emails etc i referred to originated from the respondent. they are now saying that will send me their pack on Monday - i haven't seen a list and want copies of everything on my list although they already hold them or the generated them. they also asked for correspondence between myself and the claimant - which i believed to be privileged. i'm feeling a bit bullied by them and that they are delliebratly making work for me and asking for information that they are not entitled to.