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After renewing my car insurance, I realised that a few

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Hello,After renewing my car insurance, I realised that a few interior changes made by the previous owner might come under my insurance company’s definition of a modification. These were very minor things that I hadn’t even given a moments thought to before. I declared these using the online form and eventually received the following response:“Unfortunately, due to our underwriting criteria we are unable to quote you with these modifications added to your vehicle. If these modifications have already been added, please make us aware as we will not be able to continue cover.”I cancelled my policy within the cooling off period and my refund was received without any problems. However, I’ve become concerned that this might constitute being declined or refused insurance and become declarable on future insurance policies.I contacted the company who reassured me over the phone that I could answer ‘no’ when asked by other insurers if I’ve had a policy voided, cancelled, declined, refused etc. and that they’d be happy to insure me again on a different car. But for some reason, I am still concerned as it is my responsibility to answer questions asked by future insurers in good faith and I don’t want to rely just on a phone call. Online advice is confusing and contradictory.Please could you tell me if my insurance has been voided, cancelled, refused or declined and provide an explanation and recommend next steps if necessary. Thank you!

It was you who cancelled the policy so you have not had an insurer refuse or decline you insurance nor have they voided or cancelled the policy. In any event other insurers are concerned about refusals etc relevant to the person rather than the vehicle. When you are trying to get insurance elsewhere you will of course have to tell another insurer about the modifications but you don’t have to say you have been declined insurance because you have not. It is up to the insurer whether to insure the vehicle. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Thank you, that's reassuring! I knew that simply being refused a quotation isn't a decline or refusal but this seemed 'murky' because the car had been in this state for the previous year and they were effectively saying that they wouldn't have insured it if they had had this information and thought they were 'declining' or 'refusing' to continue cover and it's this that scared me. But as you say they didn't actually take any action Out of interest, please could you provide a quick definition of what constitutes a refusal or decline?

Where they take a proposal and refuse it. They didn’t do that here. They refused to quote and that is entirely different, probably so that you could look elsewhere without being prejudiced.