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I have received a Prevention of Harassment Letter (form

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Hi - I have received a Prevention of Harassment Letter (form 9993) almost 4 years ago and I am switching from Tier 4 to Tier 2 visa. On the form it says that it is not a criminal record and signing the form does not mean admission to the allegation. Do I still need to declare it under having received "Caution, Warning, Reprimand, or Fixed Penalty Notice" on the visa application form? Thank you.

Hello, and thank you for your question. I am your Expert and I will provide the answer you require.

1. I regret to say that the bad news is that you do have to include these Prevention of Harassment Letter when making your visa change application as it would constitute a warning within the terms of the form. Basically, any issue which goes to the test of being of 'good character' must be disclosed. The penalty for not disclosing something is much worse than any impact it might have on your application, in that your application will be denied for non-disclosure. As regards ***** ***** offence, it is only if you receive a criminal penalty of three months or more than you automatically get disqualified from a visa application. So, your Prevention of Harassment Letter will not greatly affect your application. However, failure to disclose will most certainly mean rejection as the Home Office will have these things available on file.

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