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I am trying to buy a holiday leasehold chalet, but solicitor

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i am trying to buy a holiday leasehold chalet, but solicitor in forms me the property has two leases , in the same name but still two leases.
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Hi any news

Hello for clarification - what is the explanation for the two leases?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Owner A issued original lease, then sold site to owner B . Owner B issued new lease without cancelling original lease,site sold to owner C who receives the rent now but none of said owners mainly B do not want to do anything as they have sold site. New owners are at the moment don’t want to get involved. Our solicitor advises not to buy two leases even though they are in the same name.

I see that you have requested a telephone call.

Before calling you (which I will do shortly) I need some more information please.

A freeholder owned the property and issued a lease to Leaseholder 1

A freeholder sold the property to B freeholder. B freeholder then owned the property and issued a lease to Leaseholder 2

B freeholder then sold to C freeholder.

You are buying the lease from either Leaseholder 1 or Leaseholder 2.

You say that the 2 leases are in the same name. Do you mean the same Freeholder (which seems unlikely) or the same Leaseholder?

What course of action has the solicitor suggested?

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
There are many leasehold holiday homes, the freeholder is the company who owns the site, mrs X bought chalet the then site owners issued her with a new lease , but did not cancel old lease, so mrs X has two leases on same property, the site has been sold again so we don’t know how to cancel old lease