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We are a limited company who have been subcontracting for

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We are a limited company who have been subcontracting for another limited company. The particular works we do is specialist so the company asked us to break down the quotation so that labour and materials would be invoices for separately. We invoiced the company for the amount needed to purchase the materials which has taken them longer than expected which aroused suspicion for the architect involved the in project we where waiting to start. The architect has contacted us asking why we haven’t started the job as the client has released funds months ago so we should of already had the stone. She also went on to say that the amount paid was far more than we invoiced for but says the invoice she has in front of her has come from my company not the company we are subcontracting for, when questioned about this it has come to our attentiont that the company we are working for has used our information and letterhead to invoice the client asking for more money than what we have quoted for. My question to you is that is this illegal and if so does this put my company at harm if not flagged up immediately?

That is fraudulent. You can’t use someone else’s letterhead to secure payment. It is a fraud on the client particularly when you were waiting to purchase materials with some of the funds. What is the architect saying about this now?

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