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I have a question regarding my case with bmw. I’d like to

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Hello, I have a question regarding my case with bmw. I’d like to seek legal advice before I can get a solicitor to open a lawsuit against BMW. I just wanted t know if I have a leg to stand on really. Basically I appeared on watchdog and bbc news and now bmw have recalled about 300000 cars. I made bmw of the issue last year but refused to do anything. I repaired my car independently and no bmw say they are happy to reimburse me but are not going to offer any compensation. They put my family in danger because my car shut down all power when I was driving it. Do I have a case here or should I just accept the refund?
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Please have a look at the email. Sent to me by bmw

Hello, and thank you for your question. I am your Expert and I will provide the answer you require.

1. Dear Mwape, you should realise you have not only a good case against both BMW(UK) LTD and BMW AG, but you have an excellent case against them. So, you should certainly sue them. You should also realise from the emissions scandal involving the large three German manufacturers - BMW, Daimler & Volkswagen - that these German car manufacturers behave like skunks cornered in a chickenhouse when found out. So, you need to realise that litigation is the only thing they understand as they are a law unto themselves otherwise. This is why they won't do what any other manufacturer will do and simply pay you compensation as well as the costs of repair. So, you should realise that playing hardball is simply to get you to go away with the lowest form of refund. You should also realise that your case is worth so much more, particularly given the reputational damage to BMW. These German car manufacturers will also penalise you because you spoke out against them. However, you should realise that BMW has its roots in persecuting people in WW II. They still engage in research on humans when testing pollutants. There is simply no level to which they will not stoop. So, not paying you compensation is part of a sociopath and psychopathic behaviour which is at the root of these German car manufacturers.

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