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To prove a case of harassment, do you need a list of dates,

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To prove a case of harassment, do you need a list of dates, times, eyewitness and video evidence?

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What is the alleged harassment?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Making finger gestures outside someone's house

are you the accused or the accuser?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Accused - but has only threatened to report me.....Obviously I have different version of events.....Also an alibi for one incident....

Ok, thanks. None of the things you mentioned are actually required to prove a case of harassment. Of course, it would be useful to have specific dates and times, CCTV or witnesses and these can all help to build a case and provide a more accurate picture of what happened, but if any, or all of these are missing, a court can still decide there was harassment by using any other available evidence. For example, a person can potentially be found guilty simply through the accuser’s own verbal evidence, if a court believes them and considers this to be valid evidence, which is accurate.

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Customer: replied 10 months ago.
if I have a different version of events and for one of these "incidents" the events are backed up by a witness of my own. Also, I have an alibi for one of the others, that must make it very difficult for him surely?

Potentially, yes. In many cases, a lack of documentary evidence could mean that the claim is essentially one person’s word against another’s. This makes it a factual dispute and the courts will have to use their best efforts to try and determine who is right and who is wrong based on what they say and how they say it. To do so the courts have developed certain tests that would be applied to help them decide how much weight to attach to each side's evidence, such as:

· Demeanour - includes matters such as a person’s conduct, manner, bearing, behaviour, delivery and inflexion. They are matters of impression, which are not necessarily revealed by reading a transcript of evidence. It is the more 'personal' side of the individual providing the evidence

· Inconsistency – mainly to do with any apparent inconsistencies in a person’s evidence, especially after cross-examination

· Probability – this would ask of the evidence as a whole, or of a particular part of it: whose account is more probable in the circumstances?

So the courts will apply these or other similar tests in coming to a decision that they believe is most fair in the circumstances. That does not mean it is necessarily the right one, but the one which has been judged to be the fairest based on all available information.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I have an alibi for the last incident and that was the date he threatened to report me....Can I be encouraged at all by the fact that it was 3 weeks ago and nothings happened officially, no action has been taken?

Well, 3 weeks is relatively short so do not just go on the time it has been since the alleged incident as something can still happen, but to a degree it is positive news as the police could have dealt with it by now but they have not. Does this clarify?

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