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Jo C.
Jo C., Barrister
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My partner is due to stand trail at the magistrates tomrow,

Customer Question

My partner is due to stand trail at the magistrates tomrow, her solicitor has only just recieced the case against her after 6 months of waiting, should the trial still go ahead? She’s accused of damaging a car after an argument
Submitted: 20 days ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 20 days ago.

Hi, welcome to JustAnswer. My name is*****’m a barrister with 12 years of experience and I am happy to help with your question today.

Expert:  Jo C. replied 20 days ago.

Is there any reason you think it shouldnt?

Customer: replied 20 days ago.
We Havnt even met with the solicitor to go through the case, as we’ve had no deatails of what there accusing her off apart from she’s supposedly damaged a car
Expert:  Jo C. replied 20 days ago.


Are you asking for an adjournment on that basis?

Why haven't you seen the solicitor?

Customer: replied 20 days ago.
Can it be put back so we have time to go through the case
Customer: replied 20 days ago.
Are you there
Expert:  Jo C. replied 20 days ago.

Yes, Im here.

You are not going to be able to apply to adjourn successfully on that basis. It is rare that anybody sees their solicitor in conference at the magistrates court and anyway it is unlikely they would do the trial. Probably they will instruct counsel who will see her tomorrow before the trial.

This is a criminal damage so there shouldn't be a need for anything more than a conference on the morning of trial

Can I clarify anything for you?


Expert:  Jo C. replied 20 days ago.

If you are saying there is outstanding evidence then that would be different but then you will have to explain why you didn't secure it.

Customer: replied 20 days ago.
Ok it’s just confusing as we Havnt had any advice since the argument and we don’t have a clue what’s going to happen
Expert:  Jo C. replied 20 days ago.

No but that is pretty normal with a magistrates court trial.

You will see counsel in conference in the morning.