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I have currently just finished my 1 year tenancy for a flat

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I have currently just finished my 1 year tenancy for a flat in Southampton. our landlord has said that the damage to the flat means we must pay him an extra 500 pounds over our deposit and he has refused to provide any receipts for the work he wishes to do. He has also stated that if we do not pay he will be able to charge us for lost rent as well stating that it will dramatically increase costs but i am unable to find much on whether or not a landlord can charge previous tenants for loss of rent after their tenancy has ended any insight that you could provide would be very helpful,

Thanks for your question. Firstly it is for the landlord to establish and prove his claim so he does have to show you a quote a receipt or something similar. He can’t just arbitrarily ask you for £500. Secondly he has to establish that the damage was done by the tenant and that the damage wasn’t already there. Another reason for specifying what the alleged damage is. However, assuming the landlord can establish that the tenant has caused him to incur expense then he can charge for the damage. In my opinion he would struggle to charge for lost rent in the circumstances you describe. From what you say it sounds that he is trying to charge you for lost rent becasue he can’t get the repairs done becasue he couldn’t afford to do them unless you pay up. A court is unlikely to find in his favour as generally impecuniosity is an insufficient reason for doing so. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.

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