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Helen Hill
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I care for for my best friend/partner aged 86 & has

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i care for for my best friend/partner aged 86 & has alzheimers dementia, i am 73 on tuesday, Jeannes mobility is limited but i manage quite well, on tues 3rd July 2 social workers (i know them both) came round to see Jeanne because the manageress at the day care told them they were having trouble with her mobility,to me it certainly wasn't, a challenge at times,yes,a problem,no.I was told it would be good for her to go into respite for 2 weeks, and 2 weeks only, i voiced my concerns but was reassured not to worry, she would be 'beefed up' and would be back after 2 weeks because at home is where she belonged with me & all the love that went with it, so she went, last thurs a meeting was called by social services to discuss Jeanne (alarm bells!), Pippa the sw said i could bring someone for support because there would be 4 of them, a good friend, the lay preacher at our church gave me excellent support, the notes that Peter & I were given to read before we went in contained a number of inaccuracies which i brought up, seemed to fall on deaf ears, bot***** *****ne is that they decided to arrange 2 carers to come in & get her ready in the morning, which i do quite adequately, if fact we joke and Jeanne helps me!, and also come back at night to do it in reverse, so 2 carers are not required, if they want try it with 1, fine, but not 2, this is going to cost Jeanne a lot of money per month, all not needed, further down the line i can see that, but not at this time, i put it to them that whilst we are waiting for this package to be arranged could i take this wonderful woman home, and was told no, it might not be safe for her utterly disregarding the fact that i have been doing this for 16 months, 'beefing up!, Jeanne sits in a chair from 8am till they put her to bed, day in day out, this came out at an earlier meeting on Mon 16th at the care home with sw & owner of the home, i have LPA, they all know this. After all that, the question i ask is, can i bring her home until this package is in place?.

Thank you for your question. Please can you kindly confirmed whether you have a registered Health and Welfare LPA for Jeanne appointing you as the Attorney?

If so, the LPA gives you the authority to make decisions on Jeanne's behalf about where she lives and the care she receives. This only takes effect though if Jeanne is deemed to have lost the capacity to make decisions for herself. If they are saying that she is unable to make decisions for herself then the Attorney can make those decisions for her. There are occasions where Social Services disagree with an Attorney but this is usually where they feel the Attorney is not acting ion the best interest of the donor, Jeanne.

Either way, if you are an appointed Attorney then they should include in decisions they make, talk to you about the available options and discuss with you what is in Jeanne's best interests so that you can make the decision together. If this is not happening you should request a meeting with Social Services to discuss your concerns on Jeanne's behalf and ask them to explain why they have not taken your points into account.

I hope this information helps

Best regards, Helen

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