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Category: Law
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If a person resigns and uses you as the excuse but then it

Customer Question

If a person resigns and uses you as the excuse but then it turns out after investigations it wasn't and this person was trying to detract attention from themselves for their unprofessionalism towards you - could that be grounds for libel defamation of character?
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jim1079 replied 6 months ago.
Hello, thank you for the questionDefamation takes the form of slander (untrue spoken words) or libel (untrue written words) that identifies someone and harm is intended to be caused to the victim’s reputation. The test is whether the victim has suffered reputational damage and that right thinking people have a lower estimation of the victim due to those words which have caused harm.If that person resigned and said untrue things about another colleague and based that on their resignation, potentially yes there’s a defamation claim as long as other people know of it in the firm and the culprit did it deliberately to try and ruin the reputation of the victim. The victim can ask for an apology, a retraction of the statement and damages.If this is to be pursued I would recommend that a law firm is instructed to pursue a defamation claim.I hope this helps. Please accept the answer and if you can give me a star rating I can offer unlimited and free of charge follow up Q&A’sKind regardsJim