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I am a self-assessment taxpayer. HMRC have audited my

Customer Question

I am a self-assessment taxpayer. HMRC have audited my Returns for the last 4 years. They say that I have £3, 900 unpaid tax and have commenced an investigation. I need professional representation and wonder if you can recommend a legal firm in my area of Weymouth.
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Miles Bentley replied 6 months ago.


I am qualified Solicitor with over 19 Years experience in the UK.

I need a little more information to assist you with your question.

What stage is the investigation at?

What line of business are you in?


Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Dear Mr. Bentley,Thank you for your response.My first knowledge of the investigation was on last Thursday when I had a voicemail from HMRC stating that there was a problem with my tax returns. It required that I immediately ring a telephone number in Andover and not to ignore this request. I was shopping in ASDA but rang the number anyway and had a difficult conversation due to the noises in the area.I rang the number again in a quiet area and spoke to someone at HMRC who told me that they had done an audit on my tax returns for 2013-2017 and calculated that I owed £3, 900 in unpaid tax. They also told me that I had ignored 2 letters in 2014 and 2016 which had been sent to my "mailing address". I never received the letters as the mailing address they quoted was an old address that I had moved from in 2010. I still own the property at that address but it is rented. My mail was routed to my current address in Weymouth in 2010. This includes mail from the HMRC related to tax codes and anything to do with my self assessment Returns which I complete online and contain my Weymouth address. I explained all this to the person at HMRC. He seemed more interested in who was to represent me in court and reading out an affidavit.I was then transferred to the tax inspector allocated to this case, ***** *****. I repeated the information above but he wanted me to get representation and was prepared to suggest some possible tax specialists. He appeared concerned that I might choose a firm that would have very high legal charges. It was left that I would do my own research and tell HMRC who I had decided to use.A further threatening voicemail was received at 4:20 pm on Friday telling me to ring Andover or else there would be legal consequences. I did not pick up the voicemail until 5:30 and then made five phone calls to Andover, none of which were answered. I have made further phone calls today which have not been answered.My situation is personal and I am not in business. I have completed my self assessment tax returns online for some years now. I am sorry if this reply is too much information but it helps me to get this down in writing while it's fresh in the mind.Kind regards,Martin Parish