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I have a LPC Recever acting for a second charge finance

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I have a LPC Recever acting for a second charge finance company.Whilst I am defending myself as i belief this to be done without any notice, I work in the travel industry and travel globally. What countries wont i be allowed to work in? I am concerned as i am starting work with a new company and i am worried about the problems this may cause, can you offer any insight? Off the top of my head, countries would in the main likely to be Australia, various Asian countries, South America, Brazil, Columbia, Chilli as well as North America and Canada. I presume that if i have to stay longer that it will also impact on me applying for a lease on a rental property etc. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated as i dont want to start new job under any deception! Linda Lancaster
Assistant: What steps have you taken? Have you filed any paperwork with the UK government? What country do you live in? What is your citizenship?
Customer: i am presently living in the UK. I am pushing them to drop it now that i have demonstrated that they didn't really follow protocol. The company do not know of this and i am hoping to make it go away, but it is lying heavy on my conscience as i don't want to start something that i cant actually do!
Assistant: Have you talked to a lawyer about this?
Customer: My problem is that someone tried to kill me (footage was on Good Morning, ITV this morning as the Serious Crime Squad cannot find the person). So i have rented out my home and i have a rental property, the Receiver has confiscated all my rental monies and i havent been working most of last year as i was on the run, scared of my own shadow. So i have no money as in non. Through a friend of a friend the problem is that this 2nd charge was done as a commercial loan and it should have been a consumer loan, so for me to tackle them legally i would struggle financially. I am presently in a safe house and am looking forward to getting back to work. I
Assistant: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: No i think that is dramatic enough!
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I think that the most recent the cut relevant email contents demonstrates that they did not inform me of the Receivership appointment even though they
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Oops! The problem is that it was done as a commercial loan and not a consumer loan, that and i am in a den of vipers. I am told by a Barrister friend of a friend /LInda, Linda, Linda this has nothing to do with the monies that they claim you are in arrears of, you are rich pickings for them. you are a single, mature, adivorced woman without children. You have a lot of equity and that is what they are after. They use a receiver who is conveniently a property auctioneer and they will devalue your properties and sell them for £500K less than they should and that is how they get hold of your lifelong earned equity! In so do it as a commercial loan they are treating me as a business and have taken control totally away from me. The Receiver is lying and is a bully. I think though that the letter upholding my complaint dated 1st August is where i need to take them back to. It was at that point that they should have offered to put me on the offer that was made in the April that was miscommunicated to me. I was planning on doing a timeline now with the Receivers emails and ask the money company on the strength of their letter and ask them to refinance now,. They will say that they cant do that because i am in arrears but i thought that i would ask them to honour their error and remove the LPA. This is unlikely to happen instantly and i am due to start work on Monday and so i am very concerned about not being able to keep up my end of the contract ie not be able to get visas. As for my Attempted Murder, footage was aired on Good Morning ITV and on LBC website and Met Police Twitter account as of today. Any advise i would be grateful for. Thank You Linda L 07889 441 368

Hello and thank you for your question. I will be very pleased to assist you. I'm a practising lawyer in England with over 15 years experience.

I am sorry to read of the above in particular your life threatening experience. May I clarify your concern being that if you lost your defence that it may affect your ability to work in certain countries / employers?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Sorry i probably was babbling a bit. ,y concern is that I wont be able to do my new job freely. For example this company has a branch in Australia, where i lived in the 80's. Back then i worked at Sydney Airport for both Avis and Qantas. This meant that i spent a lot of my time air-side and i know having witnessed it first hand, that if anyone has been naughty then the Australian Federal Police just put them straIght back on a plane home. I guess is my main fear BUT even if i was let into the country if i went to rent an apartment then i may not be able to. My fears are certainly a real possibility in Australia but i cant imagine the US being any less lenient. I am hoping that you could put some clarity to my dilemma as i thought i would put it in my propose to the finance company to reverse what they have done... which they really have been duplicit about. Because i found out by accident that a receiver had been appointed, finance company had triggered on 11th October but i only found out on 26th October, my tenants knew before i did! The original contract said letter to address on file and give me 5 days notice. But the finance company were fully aware that i am in a safe house and that all my mail was going to a PO Box that i was only having access to every 7-10 days, they were fully aware of this. Because the receiver was so intrenched, taking them to court is going to cost me a heck of a lot of money, so i dont have the monies to even go down that road, and so a compromise is what i am hoping to achieve. Thanks
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I have no problem speaking with you if you prefer. I would struggle to pay monies for reasons, i have already told you about. I have no money even my cards are maxed out because of this attempted murder

Thank you. I hope I am going to be able to put your mind at rest at least in relation to your concerns about work and immigration issues. The appointment of an LPA receiver is a civil issue. It is in no way a criminal matter and therefore regardless of the outcome will not result in any form of criminal record of any kind. A criminal record is what sometimes will prevent you from being eligible for countries' visa waiver programs. In terms of immigration regardess of the outcome you should be able to travel visa free at least on tourist visas.

That said it is possible, though not as a direct result of the appointment of a LPA receiver that the lender could at some point in the future seek to bring insolvency proceedings against you. I do not suggest this is likely, simply that it is a possibility if the charge descends into negative equity. If that were the case and you were made bankrupt, this would produce a record which is public for a period and serachable for a fee for a longer period. This could impact upon certain work or residency based visas in certain countries. If you are in the habit of applying for work based visas as part of your job you can check with either any immigration agent you use for your applications or the relevant country's embassy as regards ***** ***** UK bankruptcy record would have any negative impact on work visa eligibility.

Finally in respect of your work, only comparatively few professions have restrictions on bankrupts working - solicitors and accountants have issues along with people who need a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority. Certain other professions have rules about bankruptcy but not usually rules that result in no longer being able to practice. If you have to be registered with a professional regulator to do your job you ca check their rules (if any) re bankruptcies but in the main jobs and employers do not disqualify for bankruptcy.

Does the above answer all your questions? If it does, I should be very grateful if you would kindly take a moment to click a rating for my service to you today. Your feedback is important to me. If there is anything else I can help with please reply back to me though

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I have no redress with any of the FCA's BECAUSE as i have said it was done as a commercial loan and not a consumer loan. I was supposed to go away and play dead as i do have plenty of equity but over my dead body are they conning me this way. It is not a matter of me having a habit of applying for jobs overseas, i work overseas and have done frequently because i work in the travel industry. How do you think that things get contracted? There are a ton of people who run around the world and i am one of them. Lousy pay, great perks! But i jump on and off planes usually like people do with buses and trains.

Thanks for the above. Forgive me, are you able to kindly clarify your query? I'm not quite certain what you are referring to here: "How do you think that things get contracted?"

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Okay let me explain. A finance company had a second charge and for reason as that i dont need to go into, they appointed a receiver without informing me. Since then i have been defending myself and am at last getting them to reconsider they actions. The advice you gave me and the FCA is totally incorrect because this contract was, for reasons that are now apparent, drawn up as a commercial contract and not a consumer contract. This is so I cannot complain to any of the financial organisations. I am guessing that this was unknown to you that with these Commercial loans they treat you like a company and not a human being. That gives them the right to trap their victims totally. So my question really is how do i get them to remove the LPA from my credit file? As i believe that it will hinder my ability to be allowed to work and live overseas with the company that i am due to start working for. My concern is that even if i did get into the the country of choice, i wont be able to, for example, rent a flat or car etc So in order to get the LPA removed I need to build up a picture to submit to the finance company pointing out what this incorrect appointment of the LPA and why i need them to remove it. Any thoughts gratefully received??

I am very familiar with LPA receivers unfortunately - an area of law very over time to be regulated. May I ask a few questions in relation to the loan:

  1. Who arranged it? i.e. did you use a broker or direct with your bank?
  2. What was the loan for? Was it explained to you that it was a commercial loan as opposed to a consumer loan or mortgage?
  3. When did you take it out roughly?
  4. Are you in a position to obtain other finance or remortgage to pay off the loan?
  5. Are far behind with your payments were you approximately when the LPA R was appointed?
  6. Is it secured on a house you live in or a house you rent out?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
SPF arranged the loan. At the time it was expensive but i needed to clear a large bill created by my brother (same brother who i think was behind my dance with death). Also our mothers care home costs as well as wanting to finish off a full refurbishment on a property. 17th April 2017. It was agreed that they would roll it over for another year and that fees would be paid at the end. So i then had a major operation on 11th May 2017 and on my first day that i was allowed out 29th May was when someone tried to kill me. i was in the position to pay it off, that was then i rang the finance company to get a payout figure that they said 'oh we THINK that we have appointed a Receiver' , obviously knowing full well that they had. So now i am not in a position to do anything so i had to prove to Together that they were wrong and acted incorrectly. They are beginning to understand that either a. that is the case or b. i am not going away. For many years i have supplied newspapers and magazines with travel promotions and so i have connections with journalists. Head Journalist of one of our largest daily newspapers is giving them a hard time. If this Receiver decideds that he will auction m,y properties then because he is a property auctioneer, he is a qualified chartered surveyor and their official body i have been communicating with and are horrified at his behaviour as he is breaking their code of conduct, and they will jump on him when i give them the nod. Also Bank of England is a power card i could play on them as this company has applied for a full banking license. So i have every hope that i will get out of this LPA but when i am in the clear, this crooked practise will be whistle blowed. The consumer Financial Editor oif a national newspaper, who i have known for 20 years will do a peice about it. You tell me that you know about LPA's i would be very very happy to introduce you to this person as i have no doubt that they will have a number of readers who have fallen into this trap. With the power of the press she may be able to help in getting it regulated. I would be very happy to do that for you since i am not in any position to pay you anything, it is the least i can do! I just need your contact details to pass on. thanks
  1. Thank you. Do you remain in a position to pay off the secured loan or is this no longer possible?
  2. Had you missed payments prior to the appointment of a receiver?
  3. The house in question, is it your main residence or another house you own?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
No longer possible as they have trashed my credit ... though when i resume work then that put me back on easy street! There are two properties a flat which is valued at £1.3/4 m with a mortgage of 3660K and a house valued at £1.1mill mortgage of £580K and then i did owed this company £330K likey to be nearer the 3400K after the Receiver has stopped playing silly buggers. The Receiver has valued the properties at £1 mill and £800K. Together is the name of the money company that i took out a second charge with. I was due to go overseas to work but difficult if this is still hanging around my neck. I am presently living in a safe house in the middle of nowhere, not far from Gatwick Airport. I go into London every 7-10 days.
  1. Are both flats owned under one title or two titles at the Land Registry?
  2. If there are two titles, is the loan secured against one or both titles?
  3. Have you ever lived in either of these flats or have they always been rented out?
  4. Do you own any other property which is rented out?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Two seperate ones, the Receiver has already registered with Land Registry, I can send you a copy if you would like to see them, just say. Yes I have lived in both. It may appear that i am rich but i have put my heart into both properties, I bought them eight years apart when they were horrid and stripped them and refurbished them, living on site which i can tell you is not much fun. No i own nothing else.

Thank you - could you just help with the other two questions then I think we are there. The reason I am asking these questions is I am trying to understand the basis that they have registered a commercial loan as its not possible on residential dwellings except in limited exceptions.

  1. Is the loan secured against one or both titles? If both no need to answer the next two questions.
  2. If only secured against one title, was the title it was not secured against rented out as a buy to let or had an existing buy to let mortgage on it?
  3. If only secured against one title, was the title iw was secured against rented or intended to be rented out?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
loan on both properties as they asked if they could knock out a prior 2nd charge. So straddles both.
Both were rented out, though clearly they really only need to sell one, to get their money back. One tenant has been there for 4 + years in the flat. His is a private rental and in fact that mortgage is still my residential mortgage (naughty i know but it is a private rental). The other is totally a buy to let mortgage.

Thank you. Based on what you say I consider that it may be unlawful for the commercial loan to sit outside of the regulated consumer market. It appears to have been set up as a bridging loan in order to sit within one of the narrowly defined exemptions from what would otherwise have to be a regulated consumer mortgage. The bridging loan exemption requires that it is a temporary bridging finance used for the purposes of purchasing additional property.

From what you say you did not use the money to purchase additional property but it was intended and used for refurbishment and care home costs amoung other things. This does not qualify for the exemption from the regulated mortgage requirement. So whether you can seek redress under the regulated mortgage framework - i.e. access to the Ombudman etc will depend upon what you can show you told the lender as regards ***** ***** of the loan. If you told them what you actually needed the money for, or at least that it was for something other than the purchase of land, then the mortgage would appear to be a breach of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 and therefore there is a grounds for a report to the Financial Conduct Authority who should take steps to require that the mortgage is brought within regulation which in turn gives access to the FO and so on.

If you cannot show that you told them you intended to use the money other than for the purchase of property then I cannot see that you could bring the loan within the regulated market easily. You could potentially refer to misselling as grounds for a complain to the FCA if you feel you were misrepresented what the loan was.

In terms of removing an LPA the starting point is to check the terms of your loan agreement to see on what basis the lender can appoint an LPA R. It will refer to a certain number of missed payments and/or other conditions. If those conditions were not satisified the the appointment was unlawful. Other than as above, the simplest approach is to repay the mortgage - this removes the LPA R because his powers flow from the mortgage. I appreciate that may not be possible now. Another approach is to sell one of the properties in order to pay off the mortgage. The LPA R cannot stop you fro selling the properties yourself and providing a sale raises enough to pay off the second charge as well as any first charge then that it an end to the LPA R. Otherwise due to the lack of regulation it is very difficult to effecteively hold them to account.

Has the above answered your questions satisfactorily?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
THANK YOU i need to digest but i cant imagine that i would have lied and so they were fully aware for what the monies were for, certainly not for buying a property. If things dont go as well as i hope for, then what sort of costs would i be looking at if you were willing to act for me? Regardless, can you make sure that you let me have your contact details so i can pass them onto the Consumer Financial so that she can mention you in her Editor. Also are you in the UK as the time on this appears as .am and not .pm! Linda
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Also just out of interest, are you a member of NARA? You sound a very decent and honourable man, so would you like me to also put you in touch with RICS? It occurs to me that if they do challenge this Property Auctioneer disguised as a Receiver, they may well find it helpful to have you on their team. Regardless, what happens to me, i have to whistleblow on these immoral practises, as they have done this to quite a few people in the same way. T
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Oops! They know exactly what they are doing. I am just so incredibly fortunately that having worked with the press for the last couple of decades, that i am in a position to do something about it! I feel sure that they would love to have an LPA lawyer who actually knows what they are talking about! I have no idea if you have gone home or not. But I am online for another hour at least and so if you do reply i will get it. If not today then my email address is: ***@******.*** mob: 07889 441 368

Thanks for your posts - I am glad the above was of some help. Here is a link to the relevant section of the FCA handbook so you can see the conditions they must satisfy for a bridging loan. The relevant section is "Exclusion for second charge bridging loans" - you can ignore the others they don't apply:

Unfortunately I am not able to act for you as I am not able to accept client referrals introudced to me through this site. You are able to contact me by simply returning to this thread at any time or via my contact page:

Yes I am in the UK. The site is American but this section is staffed by UK solicitors. I am not a member of NARA or RICS - I am not a surveyor so cannot be. I am regulated by the SRA (solicitors regulation authority).

I note that there is a large amount of personal information posted to the thread - including your mortgage offers. I would strongly recommend that I arrange for this thread to be locked for privacy as it is not secure. Would you like me to arrange this?

Joshua and 5 other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
That would be sensible for security though horse and bolted springs to mind given that i feel as though i have had my life railroaded! Of course you are not a member of RICS but i have no doubt they would find having a solicitor who knows what they are talking about helpful as indeed so would the newspaper. How does a journalist locate you? So is your picture really of you or is your entire persona not really you? I presume that you rather than your company are a member of SRA. What area of London are you in? Thanks Joshua you are the first person that has made sense!
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I have gone back to the original communications between myself and broker and it is all odd i was asked to put Westminster on the market for sale even though i didn't want to sell it... the broker told me to do it for a few weeks only. I have also the original signed contracts etc so i will endeavour to upload them! Linda

Please bear in mind that this chat thread is not secure so I would recommend a) you are cautious in what personal information you upload to this thread and b) that this thread is locked for privacy given that you have already uploaded confidential documents. If you could confirm?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Gosh i wasn't expecting a response today! Yes, of course, though unsure how to upload as doesn't seem to be an option. Can you tell me how i do that?? ... and is Joshua working today? If not when is it likely to be addressed as whilst happy to go back to computer with details, i wasnt planning on doing so today but happy to return to compouter is Joshua is around over the weekend?? Thanks
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hi Joshua, how can i upload another letter to you? Best Linda

My apolgies for the delay in reverting to you - I was out of the office yesterday. Yes please do

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Oh good so pleased that you are back as i think that i am very nearly there. I have uoploaded two pages and they are being revised by someone called Ben who i have pointed out it would be better if i could liaise with you again rather than starting afresh. Are you able to get these two letters or can i reload and what do i do about Ben?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I have no doubt that this company Together regret ever started on me, i was supposed to be be submissive and they were not expecting me to be well connected and come with fighting spirit! What i want them to do is put me back together where they found me before they called in their Receiver. The two pages i uploaded today. In sort when renewing for a further year i was told that rather than changing anything i could just role it up for another years and charges would be rolled up and i could pay at the end of next year or earlier. This was in fact not true and part of my complaint was upheld in second document dated 1st Aug 18. I need to get them to go away and leave me be, to reverse the receivership appointment. They are not going to want to do this as they would be losing face. I still need to get a property either sold (not a great time to do that with Brexit) or refinanced. i was going to suggest to the CEO is that they reset my account back to before the account went into arrears or their Receiver appointed. Going back to when i was first mis-informed/mis understood. Together have always claimed that they cannot refinance me as my account is in arrears and that they cannot refinance when an account is in arrears. However on 1st August they did uphold my complaint and so it is only fair that that is where we go back to in time. The offer made to me back in April should be bought forward and the receivers appointment retracted. The plan that they had for me was to take everything away from me so that i had no finances coming in at all. I want my rental income back and for them to undo the damage they have done to my credit file. That way they can refinance me and make everything okay-ish but i will lose out with the other mortgage company £17K for early redemption but costing me £41pa with their high costs. Have you come accross anything like this before? as unsure what i can do as i really need my reputation re-instated or it will hinder my job being able to work abroad and visas etc. What do you think? Linda
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Or if i need to can i just say okay i will sell a property and the Receiver has to allow me to??
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Am i re uploading these two pages or can you access the ones that i have already sent to Ben? Really could do with a direction TODAY though i care not is if it later on today. I dont know where you are based and so unsure how late you work. In London we often work outside regular house but outside of London or indeed other cities i find that less likely! I need to come out of hiding tomorrow, fairly early maybe so haven't got much time to get letter to CEO. Even if you could indicate when you can respond is better than hearing nothing! What can you tell me? Linda

Sorry for the delay in reverting to you - I have been in a meeting.

I can see that you have opened a couple of additional threads, but both are locked by customer service so I cant see any contents if you uploaded the documents there. Could you upload them here - I remain concerned about the degree of confidential documents you have uploaded here already though as this thread is not secure. Please remember to ask that this thread is locked once we are done as it is possible third parties could view these documents otherwise.

In terms of next steps, notwithstanding the complaint you have already made, your rights are likely to be strengthened most if you can demonstrate that the product was not lawful - i.e. you told them what the money was to be used for and that it did not qualify as a bridging loan. Alternatively if you can show that it was missold to you or that they encouraged you to apply in a particular was so that it appeared your requirements were what they needed them to be for a bridging loan when they wern't. If you can demonstrate one of these things, ideally the former, there are grounds for a complaint to the FCA and from there dependent on the outcome if the product is judged to be a regulated mortgage agreement (which in my view it should be if the money was not being used for purchase of other land and they knew this) you may be able to access the Ombudsman and seek compensation and removal of charges, defaults etc as appropriate.

At the same time the appointment of a receiver does not stop you selling the property providing from the sale proceeds you can pay off the whole of the charge as well as any other charges on the property. Providing you can pay off their charge in full then the power of the LPA Receiver immediately falls away together with any other rights of the lender. The LPA receiver does not have the power to prevent a sale - you are still the owner of the property.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
GM J since Sat i have been trying to upload these two relevant and important letters/. When asked if i wanted correspondence locked i was happy to go along with that but that was desigend to protecxt the documents you already had not the ones that i have since sent. What is the point in sending them if you are unable to open them because they are locked! This has been bubbling on now since last Saturday so so much fro my weeks trial! how do i complain/ feedback to with regards ***** *****???? .... as clearly there is a breakdown in your left hand not knowing what your right hand is doing! .... now to my problem, when we first communicated we did so fairly fluently. This has not been the case this week. I am running around today and so difficult to upload these letters yet again. How can we get around that? I am also running out of time here, as i explained i am incredibly tight on monies because i have had all of my income removed and it is getting serious now with my credit cards. In order to pay you to speak with you, if you cannot see these letters it is not going to work. What is the solution here? How long does the £43 give me and is that just for the one call? Can i spread it over to two credit cards? When is a convenient time for you ... bearing in mind that my weeks trial expires tomorrow! I am about to travel now to London and so whilst i am contactable on mobile at various times throughout the day, having a conversation needs to be scheduled. I will be totally free mid afternoon today, or tomorrow is a better day as i am around until about Can you et me know when is good for you? Thanks Linda
Joshua incidently i understand that you can be a member of NARA as they list their solicitors who are 'practitioners'!

I am sorry you are having problems with uploading documents. I should clarify I do not work for JA directly - I am an independent lawyer so I have limited access to the platform. If you contact customer services they can help you with any issues you are having uploading documents - number below:


Re service - the payment covers a response to your query and I am happy to deal with your follow up questions on a sort of rough fair use basis. Where follow up questions are extensive we may need to discuss a fee for further question and answer time. I am happy to continue as we are for now. If I might gently suggest that we may need to discuss a further fee in a 2-3 substantive replies time if you still require further assistance at that time, if that seems fair?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hello Joshua, i have only just got in front of a computer and i have left a message for JA, they are closed now. I wonder if you can tell me when you are free to talk tomorrow (Thursday)?

Hello - sorry they should be open now at least. I am generally available througout today if you would like to speak

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
GM J, i have just spoken with JA and the problem, i gather, with these uploads is that another solicitor started looking at my case and when i said 'No, No I want Joshua' they were filed away and locked. I think that this is something that you should be aware of and may want to discuss with JA yourself as it is negative impact on all parties. I advised, i have just now sent these letters as an attachment email to [email protected] as they advised me. They also told me that they had emailed you alerting you to the fact that it is really really really urgent now as i have to come up with something to these horrible people by 08.30 tomorrow. Because it has taken me the last 5 days 'going no where' this is now so terribly important as i have run out of time and so i think it may be easier to talk. I am at your disposal, i can work around your schedule. Just tell me how and when? As for the uploads i sent over. The July letter is in response to my complaint. I complained about this and a second letter Aug upheld one of my complaints. I this that it is at that stage they should have reset the clock and take me back to April, not just wipe the renewal fees. Together have always maintained that they can not re-finance an account in arrears, but given that i went into arrears unknowingly because of information told to me by one of their team ' ie that fees can be rolled over to the live end balance, they should have taken my account back to then and i wouldn't be in this position that i am in now with them... all be it that they have acted extremely devious! So the letter that i wanted to send them today was to suggest a compromise .... that they take me back to when i was misinformed (mis-understood maybe?) so that i am not in arrears and I will refinance with them and that they knock out the 1st charge mortgage. But they need to drop the Receivers appointment and due to the huge bills that they have run up that they wipe the slate clean. It is a way of moving forward, not at all ideal, not least because moving away from 1st charge mortgage comes with a fee of its own! ... your message has just popped up so i will give you ten minutes and call. I will presume that works for you unless i hear otherwise. Thanks Linda

I am sorry you have encountered difficulty with the platform - I have not as things stand received an email from customer services. Perhaps you can email them to me directly. Happy to arrange a phone call. With your permission I will create a phone call service offer in order that we can speak.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
i have a 'failed link' so I am still trying to find out how to call you! Please bear with me LL

Many thanks. If you could confirm your phone number and email address I will let you have my email so you can send over docs

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Where do i email them to? For my own peace of mind do you have a SRA membership no? LL

My email address should appear above

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Good morning Josh, have you had time to read the email that i forwarded to you late Saturday night? I am around all day today so can communicate with you on method of your choice either online here or email. Thanks