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Miles Bentley, Senior Solicitor
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My dog groomer has instructed her solicitor to start

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My dog groomer has instructed her solicitor to start proceedings of Slander against my daughter for posting a status on Facebook about my dog's claw's being overgrown and dew claw's in complete circles as she had apparently overlooked them (for a long time as I went there every 4wks for 3yrs) I had messaged the groomer and her reply was she did cut claw's but overlooked dew claws . and if I wasn't happy she suggested I find another groomer's. I obviously took my dog to the groom room and although a bit sceptical they managed to cut them and de mat paws in 2hrs. My daughter disgusted put pics of my message to groomer and her reply on her FB page.. After her husband coming to my home threatening me last night, she did the same this morning. I am disabled and due to illness I have bad anxiety and take propanol but, still struggle for breath. The post my daughter put has been seen by 8 people and I just said how about you give me £39 it cost for claw's being sorted and my daughter take post down but, she's replied she's already instructed solicitor and will be going for full cost also. My daughter is also disabled and I fear this is going to make us both really ill
Assistant: What steps have you taken? Have you filed any papers in family court?
Customer: I contacted police about the threats and my daughter read her post to the officer who said it was nothing but a post on her page as it wasn't posted on groomer's page.. and not slander. I called a solicitor who said about cost for claw's and remove Sophie's (my daughter) post.. but, they replied they have already taken legal action
Assistant: Have you talked to a lawyer about this yet?
Customer: As I said, just the one who didn't think much of it.. I need help.. my daughter has chronic fatigue and chronic pain and as her carer it's affecting me already
Assistant: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: I think that's it.. it just seems so petty.. perhaps my daughter should have done a review on the groomer s page.. Also as the groomer had blocked Sophie she would have had to actively looked for her on fb to see what was on her page

Good Evening,

I am sorry to learn of your situation.
I am a Qualified Solicitor with over 19 Years experience in the UK.
I am currently reviewing your question and shall revert to you shortly but in the meantime, please confirm the ideal outcome you would wish to achieve.


Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Obviously my daughter not being taken to court.. Should I take proceedings against the groomer for gross negligence causing suffering for my dog?

Thank you for your response. Leave this with me and I shall forward you an Answer shortly. Thanks.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I can't call as I said I have breathing problems with anxiety and can't get words out or take them in..

I understand, however, it was the System that offered the Call not me personally. Please leave this with me and I will forward you a typed Response. Thanks.

Thank you for your patients, I will be happy to Answer your Question, but please be sure to provide a Rating.

Your daughter may have a number of defences to the allegations of Slander again her.

If your daughter told the truth in her comments then this can be a complete and absolute defence.

Even if your daughter had malevolent intent when she made the post on FB and regardless of whether it was in the public’s interest her comments, the veracity of a claim will still provide a defence.

Also, if you daughter expressed her honest opinion on FB then can also be a defence, if she can show that her comments on FB were an opinion, that, within her comments, it was apparent it was her opinion and her FB comment are those an honest person could have held.

In addition, if the comments were in the public interest, then this can be a defence. If your daughter made the comments and reasonably believed that publishing on FB was in the public interest.

Defamation is notoriously very expensive to litigate. Your daughter needs to contact the Citizen Advice Bureau ( or a Solicitor if she can afford), to send an urgent response advising the other sides Solicitors that your daughter (if correct) does not have any Assets and is Disabled. So to pursue any action against her will be fruitless, as the other side will not get any Costs or Damages even if they are successful in Court.

In any event your daughter believes she has very good defences to the allegations but will without prejudice have or will remove the posts on the basis that both Parties bear their own Legal Costs. I trust this assists.

If you need a CALL to discuss and more in-depth advise, then please let me know.

If not then kindly leave a Positive Rating so JustAnswer can credit me for my time.

It was my pleasure to assist you today.

The Positive Rating can be provided by clicking the STARS on the top of your Screen.

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you so much for your help.. I will get an appointment with CAB tomorrow (hopefully I'll get my breath back by then) I will definitely contact you again if needed.. or just to let you know how it goes.. Thanks again for your sound advice.