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Jeremy, Thank you for earlier. I've sent the email to the

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Good evening Jeremy,
Thank you for earlier. I've sent the email to the property manager Friday morning but she’s not came back to me yet.
The other department in charge of the viewings i.e. lettings service keep on asking me to be available for viewings (since almost 7 weeks now every week..from 1 to 2 slots/ week of an average of 30 to 45min different days...). Because I'm always receiving them I know they qualified poorly the applicants with information they coulld ask before as they knew the landlord would say "no" (he requires no pet, no kids...). So sometimes the viewer learnt the applicants had a pet, dates of availibility of the house were not compatible, they had kids.. I've learnt also tthe landlord already said "no" to 2 or 3 applicants. But for sure it's not written just the viewers told me. So basically the agent wants to show they do their work by showing the house and the landlord takes his time til the end of the tenancy to choose the "one" he prefers. I'm not sure about how I could react as they try now to place me in the position to say "no" to their visits. I’ve received so far all their applicants. The move is planned Friday 6th december in the new house. The Checkout normally is on 12th December. How do you think I may communicate about the futures viewings ( I had already 3 saturdays of viewings and other days each week). If the company was nice it would not be a real issue for me but now they start again to ask for 3 viewings with short notice on Monday (I've just seen now an email they sent actually Friday evening asking me to be present Monday 4h15) - they know I've got small kids so it's basically right after afternoon school collection so they should have asked me before taking the meetings with the applicants as I’d like to be present during viewings as no trust, it's short notice (at the start they used only 24h notice : I had to ask her after some short notice viewings a min of 48h and to check before hand availibilities of applicants and me before penciling meetings ; instead also of spreading them during the week also. That request strangely arrives right after I've sent the email to their property manager colleague (young lady full of bad manners and no ethics).
What kind of email may I send about Monday as I'm not free and already had some viewings last Friday yesterday (4 planned, actually 2 confirmed the day before and only one came.. that day they knew as well one was not coming when the viewer arrived, I would have appreciated to be informed about it.). And I don't want the landlord saying that they do not rent the house as I'll say less visit just before I move. Last week I think I had to say that I won' be free any more on Saturdays except if an applicant really cannot another day as I think it’s quite invasive during the weekend even though their office is opened on Saturday. I'm fine for one or two other slots even though not convenient as I don't want to receive people if my house is not tied up and cleaned which is normal. And I have the real feeling they will try as they do badly their job and won't say it to the landlord, so the tenant will have the perfect position. I really do hope I'm wrong but they tried already, as they see they can’t find a tenant, to say by email that I was not free some days (actually only Thursdays) so they try to write lies and reinvent the story each time if it is not written.
Could be great that you could share your feelings and the legislation. Also the email about the viewings and their request of new ones. I send you another question as well.
Many thanks Jeremy.
Best regards,

Hi Isabelle, thank you for your message, I understand your concerns. The main point is that as you are the current tenant you are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of the property without unreasonable interference from the landlord or their agent. Therefore, you should indicate to the agent that whilst you are prepared to be reasonable they cannot expect you to have multiple visits over many hours with little notice. Furthermore, they cannot have visits on multiple days in a week. You are not obligated to facilitate multiple visits. I hope this helps, if you can please accept my answer and rate me 5 stars (in the top right of your screen) then Just Answer will credit me for helping you today.

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Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Many thanks Jeremy for your answer.

I was thinking to say yes to a last one on Tuesday then and after they will manage the visits on their own when the landlord will have the house back a few days after, even though regarding the context the peaceful enjoyment has already been altered a lot. You'll see in my next message.

I have some other points, may I send them now, but you can answer tomorrow. Thanks again, that service is great. I do hope that everything will be sorted out pretty soon.

Best regards,