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I have another question. I'm a engineer working for an

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I have another question. I'm a engineer working for an international company, i travel all around the world for more than 180 days per year. Several time I have been stop by the police for questions about my trip and who I'm. I can believe is a Random choice when the officer select me, but because I cross the border several times during the year and always they stop me, I start thinking that the reason why they choice me is because of my (arab) ethnicity . Last time the officer even ask me If I want to be contacted by the military for question regarding the countries which I visit, for instance: Congo, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Ivory coast, Tunisia. Also a lot of question about me which I dont like to share.I would like to know my right, what should i share with them and what things they are no allow to ask me. And because this experience happens to me quite often, what can I do to challenge this situation?.I don't think someone has to be stop and questioned every time only because of his appearance.

Is this the British police that are stopping you or in other countries? Where is this happening? At border control?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
is the british police, just after the border control. Is the police not the custom officer,

I’m afraid that this is the system and it’s the modern world we live in. I can tell you now, this is not because of your appearance. People with non-Caucasian ethnicity travel all the time. They do so without being stopped.

In your case, it is the frequency of the travel linked with the countries that you’re going to which flag up certain warnings.

Whilst I appreciate that it’s frustrating for you although would say, if challenged, is that they are doing this in the interest of national security.

By all means make a written complaint to have this looked at surrealist it probably isn’t going to make any difference. By all means plead racial discrimination but as there will be dozens of other people going through at the same time, it’s unlikely to work.

It is likely that whatever you do is going to be a waste of time because they are just going to say “national security”. Sorry, I know it’s not the answer you wanted.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thank you for your answer. I understand what you mean but the triage is made before he knows from where Im coming from, for that, he has to ask me or check my passport which happens right after.Anyway what I want to know is: in case Im stop again what they are allow to ask what not, is it normal to waist my time asking me if I want to be called by the army to give them information about the countries which i visit?. I think the inteligence of this country has to deal with that not me. do I have any right in this situation?And another question, Im allow to record them during the interview with my smart watch camera or is it offence to record a police officer?

You will probably find that something gets whispered in his ear or there is some signal between border control and the police. As I said in my previous reply, if it was because of your appearance, then it would be everyone on the plane coming through border controls would be stopped.

You may just be unlucky. This

if you are questioned either by the police of the security service, you have the right to simply reply, “no comment” although in my experience and opinion, all that does is raise suspicion and you risk being dragged off under the Protection of Terrorism Act so all I can advise you to do in circumstances like this, is grit your teeth, grin and bear it, and just answer whatever you are asked politely, because being obstructive (I know how annoying can be-believe me) is only going to cause further delays.

It is not an offence to record anyone’s voice including a police officer.

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