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A nurse made me feel uncomfortable to the point where I left

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Hi. A nurse made me feel uncomfortable to the point where I left early
Assistant: Was this discussed with a manager or HR? Or with a lawyer?
Customer: Manager
Assistant: Does the workplace operate with employees, freelancers, consultants, contractors or with unionised employees?
Customer: I’m not sure
Assistant: Anything else you want the Lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: I left the hospital because I felt uncomfortable when I knew I was too ill to leave and this resulted in internal bleeding, transfusions and a haematoma
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Full story: A nurse made me feel extremely uncomfortable after a major operation (Fleur-de-lys tummy tuck) and I left the hospital 1 day early, even after the other nurses said I’m free to stay another night if I don’t feel great. I left because of how one nurse made me feel, like she was tired of seeing me, asking for help disgusted her and I was not supposed to do that, even though I was in terrible pain. There were times I didn’t press the “buzzer” for a nurse to come and help when I was in excruciating pain simply because that one nurse would give me attitude or would “tut” at me, roll her eyes, sigh, make me feel terrible about asking for help or say to me “oh what do you want now?”
I had terrible dexterity in my hands for a while on top of the weakness, issues and effects from Friedreichs Ataxia. I ended up dropping a cup of juice, I didn’t want to call a nurse, because of her, but I had too. She came and I said “I’m so sorry but I spilled a cup of orange juice”; the nurse looked at me with her arms on her hips, sighed at me with disappointment and then left to get some towels. I felt humiliated and ashamed of myself, and felt like I had to apologise for my disabilities, I never asked for any of them and it was not my intention to drop some liquid. Out of pure shame, I didn’t say anything else and stayed quiet.
This was Sunday 24th November, I got discharged soon after as I felt forced to leave the environment by her, I was in no condition to leave but I knew the other nurses wouldn’t let me if they knew I was struggling so much. When the nurses checked me, I said my pain was discomfort to to the drains that were In. Once these were removed, I said I was pain free; I tried to convince the nurses that I was fine and pain free so I could leave.
Following the discharge, I went from my wheelchair to my car very slowly with a lot of help from my dad, got driven home then took 2 steps to enter my house where I was then pushed around in my wheelchair. I then sat on my sofa and proceeded to talk with my family. Ever since I left the hospital, my pain started to increase and by the time I was home, things were hurting me a lot more than usual. This made me very drowsy so I ended up taking a nap for around 30 minutes. When I awoke, I realised I had lost my vision and could not see. I began to panic and as my family rang the emergency services, I started to go white and started sweating. My vision came back after around 5 minutes and the paramedics started to do a series of tests; they picked up a very low blood pressure and a high heart rate, so they took me to hospital and admitted me. I ended up having 4 blood transfusions as I lost a lot of blood plus my haemoglobin level was very low. It turns out I became anaemic and they found out that I also had a bleed in my stomach. The private hospital that I had the surgery at called me back and the surgeon wanted to open me up and fix the issues. I went back, the surgery was done and everything was fine.
But my issue is that all of this happened because that one nurse made me extremely uncomfortable for my issues, very upset and she didn’t want to take care of me when that is a nurses job. I tried to stand up with a physiotherapists and I did for 5-10 seconds and then I said I had to sit for a minute as I started to get dizzy and light headed. The nurse was watching me, she sighed and told me I was “just being too negative” when I said that.
All I required was some more time to recover better before I tried to leave. I do not mean a total recovery, but to the point where I felt safe, was able to stand without getting dizzy and could take at least 5 steps width as I did not feel safe in the slightest, but the nurse wanted me out of there as soon as possible. I left to appease and get away from her. One of the main nurses I interacted with the most was not working on the day I left, she told me herself a few days later that she was extremely surprised to hear I’d been discharged on the Sunday, as she knew my pain and mobility levels were too bad on Saturday evening, when she last interacted with me.

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Thank you!

Hi thank you for your enquiry and your patience, I am very sorry to hear of your situation. For a legal claim the threshold is very high for proving your injury and that the pain suffered was as a direct result of what you have explained as what you believe caused the further issues. I appreciate the individual nurse appears to have not taken a liking to you however establishing causation is central to whether you actually have a claim and I think your focus should be on the premature discharge if that is what the professionals that saw you since being discharged. You stand a better chance of pursuing the private clinic for damages if you can show that you should not have been discharged when you were. A claim against the individual nurse frankly will not bring about a result that will make you feel any better, the most they would probably do is to excuse the nurse's behaviour and apologise. I would not want you to get more frustrated with the responses you might get. I think if there was mention of issues with being discharged when you were by the doctors/surgeons that saw you after then that is the basis of any claim and you would want to speak to clinical/medical negligence solicitors for example Erwin Mitchell to assess your claim and hopefully represent you. I hope this helps and I would be grateful for your rating at your earliest convenience. All the best

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
The surgeons and doctors were happy with my discharge even though I was not.
A nurse did tell me before the surgery that I am slightly anaemic but it’s not dangerously low, but they will keep an eye on it. They did not and their excuses was that they didn’t because I did not lose much blood throughout the surgery, so they assumed I was safe. It does make sense, however they should have checked my bloods to make sure.
In your opinion, is there a claim here?

Hi there is only a claim where you can also prove damage. So if as a result of not checking your bloods there was an adverse implication on your health and you needed to be attended to and to receive treatment then you could look to claim. If nothing happened as a result of what they may not have done I would not want to lie to you, you would not be able to pursue a claim for compensation

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
damage can definitely be proven (bleeding, paramedics call, blood transfusions, haematoma repair). the "not checking bloods after surgery" part is where the concern is if i cannot claim against the nurse. It is possible that the bleeding started AFTER my drains were removed (about an hour before discharge) but i was still in a lot of pain up to this point and after around my left hip (this was also where the bleeding was) so im very sure there was an issue before this too.
After the clinic repaired the bleeding, the pain i was in was obvious that i just had surgery across my abdomen and it was unanimous, whereas before it was a constant throbbing on the left hip.
What was found in me during the "repair" has all been documented by the surgeon; would seeing this help you decide if i can go forward or not? I can ask the clinic for a copy.
I would like to take this case forward because i do feel the damages could have been avoided by a blood check after the surgery.

Hi on JA I would not be able to review a whole file unfortunately. The view of a medical professional is what you need to make your decision. So if the surgeon that did the repair can say "but for the actions of the nurses/clinic in discharging you early you would not have suffered a,b,c and now that you suffered a,b,c you have had to have this extra work done and you will suffer ,d,e,f" then it is worth taking your file to a clinical/medical negligence solicitor for them to assess. Most will give you the first 30 minutes free.

SolicitorRM, Solicitor
Category: Law
Satisfied Customers: 3889
Experience: Director and Principal Solicitor. UK
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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
i seee. thank you very much