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Jeremy, Hope you’re well. So In the meantime they answered

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Hi Jeremy,Hope you’re well.So In the meantime they answered (cf. below their answer) today to my email (the one you wrote) but I think they did not appreciate that I asked to change the day of the checkout and try to say now that they are going to change it for me like a favour and to accommodate me like they do all the time when I have to communicate with them. That's the first time for me a landlord/agent asked to do the checkout the day after and to be honest regarding the poor context I guess they agent and/ or landlord just wanted to be present after our move and before the checkout.
They’re upset that I had a few months ago to send an email to complain about their poor way of managing the issues and a change of property manager. So I have not faced a peaceful tenancy with all the works and repair they did in that property because of previous bad maintenance of it and poor ways to respond to them (they also for instance for more clarity never apologised for an installation of a boiler that took 2 full days instead of 1 day and told me that i should be happy to get now some heating as to quote them "Our aim is to ensure you have a fully functional boiler ahead of what is supposed to be a very cold winter to which I am sure you will agree »).
When I asked the change of interlocutor they wanted to stay in the conflict (as they always do) and refused it and reminded me as well that there client was the landlord not me. To quote the boss of the property manager: «XX is managing the property on behalf of our client, the landlord, as per the terms of business we hold with him and I at present see no reason for a change in the management of the property."
I'm quite upset as they ask me again the day before the visits (tomorrow Wednesday) to add another applicant and to receive then all during 45 minutes just a few days of my move and just after school with my kids around (4:30-5:15pm - I said this morning to the lettings service I was okay and will receive them between 4:45 and 5:15pm but they ask me again tonight at 6pm another one and I think they don’t filter the applicants as they do not care regarding the previous context of conflict (and the new topic of checkout) about our quiet time.
It's now almost 8 weeks with visits each week since first day actually of the 2-month notice (as they act like they did some revenge after I complained about their lack of professionalism and the change of property manager. They booked for instance the 10-year EPC a month ago and asked for the safety gaz and electrical check during my tenancy even though the last one was done end December. They asked the last one but as I received all their applicants they strangely did not book it and will probably wait…).
I have the impression to work for them, without being payed and being harassed by their actions.
What should I answer you think to their email regarding the checkout to be sure it’s acted that it’s not a favour but that they did wrong to plan the checkout on an unusual day (i.e. after the end of the tenancy). Just to protect also just in case if there is an issue with the deposit (the landlord had already placed one full week between our tenancy and the new one. He told when there were water leaks that he should do all the decoration anyway of the house but I don't want them to use our deposit for that as I'm aware the house has never been refurbished and painted since probably 8/10 years).
Also regarding Tomorrow's visit of another applicant if you have an idea of how I should respond. I’m fine to receive another one but I have the strong impression that they enjoy (as it’s a small company in the town and they are all in the same open-space) that I received so many applicants during the last 2 months.So the Answer of the Property manager about the checkout is the following:« Thank you for your email.
In all instances we allow tenants to have the full last day of their tenancy as appreciate they often need as much time as possible to move, hence the checkout being completed the day after.
If you are however happy for the checkout to be conducted on 12th December 2019 and you are confident you have enough time to complete all end of tenancy responsibilities then we can of course accommodate and move this for you if you wish. If you can confirm you are happy with this please and I will check to see if the inventory clerk has the availability for the 12th December 2019 and will then be able to confirm a time for you should you wish to be present.
Many thanks. »Thank you very much in advance Jeremy.
Sorry again for the length of the message but I think important for you to get some pieces of context.Isabelle

Hi Isabelle, I would write something like this:

Dear X,

Thank you for your message, I confirm that I would want the checkout to be conducted on the 12 December 2019 as this is the last day of the tenancy. The checkout could not be conducted thereafter as the tenancy would have ended and I would have no further obligation towards the property not be governed by the terms of the lease.

Kind regards,


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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you very much Jeremy. I will send the email freshly tomorrow morning. Good evening. Isabelle

Glad I could help, take care.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you Jeremy. Will try with all these topics to deal with before Christmas :-) Good evening!

Yes true, all the best.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you :)

No problem.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Hi Jeremy,
Hope you're well. I still do not have the answer of my email regarding the check-out and time of the visit . But in the meantime right after they asked the company in charge of the Gaz and electrical safety check to call me and they ask me to receive them next Monday 9th just before the checkout. I was thinking to say no as it's once again a request to the tenant to manage the property so landlord/ agent don't have to be present an hour to receive the company and that check is due only 28th December. But I was wondering if it would actually be on my interests to have that check done before the checkout so that they see everything is working well but I don't know their relation with that company too so regarding the poor context I think it would be easier to say 'no'. What do you think? Also possible to write a short answer saying it's not possible (very short notice and due only 28th December). Many thanks
Ps - Happy to create a new question but there is no window "ask a question' below your name, only the generic window to ask a question to all the experts.
Thank you in advance.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Could be nice if you could write the answer (the Gaz and electrical company left a voicemail yesterday). So it would be an email to the property manager about it. Many thanks.
Hi Isabelle I see you have created a new question so will answer there
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Great. Many thanks :-) Sorry not having seeing before the little link "request me again" :-)
No worries