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I have a very specific legal question, but I'll lose my job

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I have a very specific legal question, but I'll lose my job if I post it here. Is there any way to ask my question without it being visible to anyone?
JA: Where are you? It matters because laws vary by location.
Customer: UK
JA: What steps have you taken so far?
Customer: Talking to my business manager, talking to other managers, but everything I say lands on deaf ears.
JA: Anything else you want the Lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: Not sure - never done this before

Hello my name is ***** ***** I am an employment law expert and can help with this matter.

Your name will not appear here and you don't have to give any names (employer or your company, managers etc.). Additionally, it is also unlawful to take any action against someone for seeking legal advice. If you could outline your situation then I would be happy to assist. Thank you.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Will this be visible to anyone else?

The question you ask and the advice can be accessed if someone was looking for it however, your name and details will not be visible to anyone.

would you like assistance with this matter?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I need some advice, please, on how to proceed with an ongoing issue in my workplace
I've been working at my job for six years. I applied to work there so I could work my way up to management.
It's six years later, and I'm still a crew member with no prospect for progress, despite asking time and time again to be moved around, so I can get more experience and get promoted. Within that time, multiple new employees have started there and been promoted within a year - new employees are constantly being prioritised over me. I've confronted them on numerous occasions, telling them I want to be moved around. They make a bunch of empty promises, then nothing happens. When I go to them again about the issue, they tell me I should ask them like everyone else asks to be moved, and they'll do it - I have been asking. I'm going over the same argument with them over and over again.
I was criticised in one PR for not finding jobs to do, even though I never stand still - I'm always looking for work.
In my next PR, I was criticized for not doing detail cleaning - I do that on every shift.
I've been criticized for not asking if there is any work that needs doing - I do that every shift.
I've now got to the point where I want to cry every time I go to work because they're doing everything to make my life difficult.
Earlier this year, they accused me of writing nasty things online about my company, which I didn't do - I was talking about an issue in my life outside of my job - there was no mention of the company anywhere. They told me I was in the wrong because people may interpret it as being about their company because I work there. I managed to get them to reduce it down to being more careful about what I write online, but only because they were in trouble for sharing private details about me with a third party without my permission. As a result of this incident, I was told to unfriend everyone from my workplace so they can't see what I write. I did so and told everyone a fake reason for unfriending them to protect the company from people finding out that I was dictated to as to who I can be friends with online. Doing so has left me feeling isolated from the people I used to talk to online.A few weeks ago, two mangers laughed at me, like I was an idiot, for asking a simple question. That left me feeling miserable and unmotivated - I want to cry all the time. Because I've been depressed at work, they've complained I'm being rude and implied I won't have a job there anymore because I'm feeling depressed most shifts. I'm miserable because of how they treat me. I’m unmotivated because of how they treat me.
Six years in a job with little to no progress, because they keep creating barriers for me, is starting to feel like discrimination. It feels like they're not offering me the same opportunities as everyone else because I have to limit my availability to work due to my epilepsy. I have told them the reason I limit my availability and their reaction was it's a personal life choice. Every time I tell them I have epilepsy, they act as though I've never told them.
I'm mentally and physically exhausted from fighting the same battle with them and getting the same result every time - no help to progress my career.
They've regularly take rumours about me as fact. The other day, I was told by a manager that I'm angry at another manager for stealing credit for a job I did... I don't know anything about this, but I still got the backlash of this event I know nothing about.
All these issues started when a new company took over my branch and a new manager and business manager started there. I've complained to the business manager about the manager and I was told I'm only complaining because I hate this manager - I was complaining because he made me go on a break at a time when I couldn't eat due to a medication I was on - I explained about the medicine. He still made me go on my break, so I went without food for my whole 9-hour shift.
I feel backed into a corner where my only option is to leave, but I can't afford to quit my job.
The grievance procedure always leads to the business manager, who has caused issues for me in the past. Specifically, the day I called into work to let them know I had a bad leg due to an injury I got at work - I fell over some boxes that were left in the middle of the floor. I was told by a manager that I could come into work and they'd let me have a chair to rest my leg if necessary. Shortly after I arrived at work, the two managers in question told me off for not calling in sick, despite another manger confirming I did call in, and they sent me home on the grounds that they heard a rumour that I couldn't stand on my leg at all - this incident was around April 2019.Is there anything I can do about this situation?Thank you.

Thank you please allow me a few minutes to read your question and respond. I will revert to you soon. Thank you.

Thank you for the information. Potential there are a few options that you can pursue. Firstly, you have stated that you suffer from epilepsy, this could potentially be considered a disability, should this be the case and you are being treated at a detriment as a result of this, then it is possible that you are (legally) being victimised or discriminated against. Additionally, from what you have said about your treatment at work, you have stated you want to leave (but cannot afford to). If this is the case and you were to leave then you could take legal action against them for unfair dismissal, this is colloquially known as constructive dismissal. However, in order to take this type of action you would have to resign as it is considered a breach of contract issue. This is when the treatment you receive is so bad over a period of time that you feel you have not choice but to resign due to the fact the company has breach your employment contract (the implied term is know as "confidence and trust"). However, another option which you could pursue would be to see if you can facilitate and "exit agreement" with you employer. The company will not admit any liability towards you, however they agree to pay a specific sum to you in return for you giving an undertaking that you will not pursue any legal action against them. This is usually the most efficient way to deal with these matters prior to taking any specific legal action. It also takes any risk out of having to litigate your situation in front of an Employment Judge. If you are happy with the advice I have given you, I would be grateful if you could click the 5 stars above. If you like, I can then offer you a service where I can provide you with my company email details. We would review your case for free and then if we feel there is enough evidence there we could help you facilitate the exit agreement with your company. This would require us writing a letter to the employer outlining all the of laws which we believe are being broken in relation to your treatment. We would also quantify your claim so that we can put a value on how much we would be asking fro to settle the matter. If you would like me to initiate this then please let me know. All your information would be fully confidential.

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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
How much would it cost me to take the exit agreement option?

I have provided our information.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I've sent an email