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I was convicted of GBH 20 years ago but I was only just

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I was convicted of GBH 20 years ago but I was only just turned 17 and was not convicted for 3 years later when I was 19 - sentence was 18 months in prison but I was released 5 weeks in an re trial so altogether I served 5 weeks - it was more horseplay that went wrong as opposed to premeditated crime - anyway I now run Ironman competitions and have my own business a long time and have not been in trouble since bar few parking tickets - my problem is I must go to the USA and several countries where I constantly need to provide so much paper work and wait a long period of time for visa ! I’m just wondering is there anything I could do to make life easier in this department or is that it for life -

Hi thanks for your message, so to confirm in the retrial your conviction was not overturned but rather your sentence was reduced?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Sorry we got out on appeal so spent a total of 5 weeks in prison and our appeal tool 5 weeks so a higher court with 3 judges ruled we should be released straight away Can’t put that on application forms so looks really bad cause I have to put 18 months when I’m filling out forms
Hi thank you for your message, have you done a criminal records check? It’s just if your conviction was overturned then your conviction would have been removed from your record so you would have no conviction on your record and no need to declare it.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Ya I have got police clearance from Ireland but it’s still old school there like the system is outdated but it comes up that I was sentenced to 18 months - nothing about getting out on appeal
Hi thank you for your message, that is strange and unfair on you. Unfortunately, it does seem unless or until the system changes in Ireland this will keep coming up. I understand this is not the answer you might want but I would appreciate if you can please accept my answer and rate me 5 stars (in the top right of your screen) then Just Answer will credit me for helping you today.
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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Ok thanks for the advise -