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Are parking fines from private companies invoices? Or fines?

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Are parking fines from private companies invoices? Or fines? Not ones from local authority.

Hello welcome to the site.

They are invoices for a breach of contract, therefore any fines should be disputed thoroughly as they are disproportionately excessive beyond the amount of the contract.

I hope this helps and I would be grateful for a rating, thank you. John.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
as an invoice it is at my discretion to pay/appeal them? Also are they counted as traffic violations? My company seem to think that getting a parking fine is a traffic offence & some how determined my ability to drive a car

This is correct, you are liable for whatever amount you didn’t pay under the terms of the contract i.e. £2 for parking for an hour, and not an £80 “fine”. They are not backed up by law and if they wanted to take the fine from you, they will need to take you to the civil court, which is costly and time-consuming. So you should appeal the amount, or send them payment of the amount that should have been paid under the contract. It is a parking offence, not a traffic offence as they do not result in points on your licence.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Fantastic, the only thing is some of the invoices were when I was at hospital (work for the nhs) and didn’t have my “staff” sign in the window?another thing is I drive a company car, and some of the fines were paid by my company at an expensive over the top rate, unfortunately my company insurers zenith get the fines PAY them straight away at full cost (£60-80-90) however much it might be, and I don’t get the chance to appeal them as I never got the appeals letter? What are you thoughts on this?
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
My company also said because I didn’t pay some fines (again not aware as I didn’t receive the letter) some of them have now gone to “debt collection”. I haven’t had 1 debt collection letter or any CCG or civil notices or anybody turn up at my house? Is this an empty threat by the parking companies to make me pay up? It’s all very difficult because as I say I don’t necessarily received the letters first. Despite what my company contract says (see below picture)
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Doesn’t really make much sense I know...

If you never displayed your permit then for whatever reason that may be, you would have a valid defence to dispute the charges, were you to do so.

If the fines were paid by the company, then that is effectively accepting the charge. Not receiving the appeals letter would be down to the letters being sent to the registered address of the vehicle which would be the company address.

If the fine has now gone to debt collection, then presumably the debt would be issued against the registered keeper and not you personally as you did not receive the letters. Debt collection also does not necessarily mean court, but if payment is not received then they may issue proceedings to recover the debt at court and if you are not receiving the letters then judgment may be enforced. It is important to know where these letters are going to protect your position.

Lastly, the picture you posted states local authority, and this is very different from a private company issuing a fine. If it is a local authority like a council then it is advisable to pay the fine, as the consequences are more severe, but if it is a private company then as stated, it is just an invoice and should be defended.

It appears all the charges are being dealt with by your company and if this is the case, then you may be bound by the terms of your contract if they are paying these fines on your behalf.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Zenith is the registered keeper? And all letters get sent to them. I can’t be sure if it has gone to debt collection as I haven’t received any letters, this is only what the company have told me, I think they expect me to be a mind reader at times ��I think they debt must be against the register keeper? Therefore it’s zenith the insurer? How interesting. They’ve haven’t tried to pass it onto me yet. But I’ll take your advice and pay the hourly charge, as I’ve no idea what some of the private ones are for. The receiving letter business needs to be resolved first.Can judgement be enforced even though I’ve not be notified personally? Or will this again just be held against my company as the keeper?I pay ALL local authority ones as I get a ticket on my window, but a lot of hospitals are camera ones.Lastly my company are looking to take my company car off me until these fines are ‘sorted’. To be honest I don’t want a company car for tax reasons and also these charges, if I get it back do you know what would happen to the fines?The company are paying these fines for me but I don’t get chance to appeal or pay the original amount which is annoying ��Thank you for your patience with me asking all these questions

Yes, they must be the registered keeper. If judgement is to be enforced, it means they have issued proceedings and the defendant, i.e. the registered keeper has failed to acknowledge any court letters or, the parking company has issued proceedings and have been successful in court and the payment due has not been paid by the defendant. Either way court proceedings would need to be issued and if this did happen I presume the registered keeper would inform you. But yes judgment can be enforced, if the above happened and you were not notified. It would just be enforced against the registered keeper.

This does appear to be an issue with you and your company rather than you and the parking company, and that will need to be addressed directly with your company if you are not getting the chance to appeal. The fines can be disputed, but if your company is receiving them and paying them on your behalf, then pursuing you or taking your car off you until it is sorted, then that is a separate issue which may be a term of your contract with your company.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I’m 99% sure they’re the registered keeper, so they pay the fines as registered and transfer it to me.I haven’t heard anything about court summons or civil case against me regarding debt collecting not that my company has told me? I would’ve thought they’d pay the debt and charge me but this seems not to be the case.But thank you for clarifying that private parking company’s are invoices and NOT legal fines.Many thanks

Yes, and that puts you in a difficult situation, so would be advisable to address it with them directly.

And you’re welcome, please let me know if anything further is needed, and kindly provide a rating before you leave the site. Thank you, John.

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
It really does they’re policy isn’t great for both me and them.Many thanks have a nice day