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Can u help me with how I deal with transfer of tenancy

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Can u help me with how I deal with transfer of tenancy

Applications for transfer of tenancy can be done under Part VII of the Family Law Act 1996

You will need to complete Form D50B and write a witness statement which supports your application.

The form is here for you:

Your statement must include the following information:

• What type of tenancy it is and who the landlord is

• That both you and the other party, or just the other party, is entitled to occupy the property because the tenancy names both of you, or just the other party as the tenant

• The circumstances in which the tenancy was granted to both of you, or to the other party, or how he or both of you became tenants under the tenancy

• That you and the other party lived in the property as spouses (if you are married) or civil partners (if you are in a civil partnership) or cohabitees, and for how long

• Both of your housing needs (for example, you have two children and need a property with at least two bedrooms near their school, the respondent has no dependents and needs one bedroom near his place of work)

• Both of your housing resources (for example, both of your financial resources, ability to rent elsewhere, other properties either of you own or rent)

• The effect that making an order, or not making an order, will have on you, the other party and any children If you and your ex-partner were not married, but cohabiting, and your expartner is the only named tenant on the tenancy then your statements should also include information on:

• The nature of your relationship (in particular, the level of commitment to each other) • How long you lived together

• Whether you or your ex-partner have any children (either together or from other relationships) or whether either of you have parental responsibility for any children

• The length of time since you and your ex-partner stopped living together

• Your suitability as a tenant, for example, if the rent and bills have always been paid by your partner, how will you afford to pay them • Your ex-partner’s suitability as a tenant

You will need to pay a Court fee to file your application and to check the most up to date fee when you apply you should download Form X50. If you are on low income you may be entitled to fee remission and for this you complete From X160 and send it together with your Form D50B to the Court.

You can take your form in person to your local court or you can send it by post.

I hope this helps and I would be grateful for your rating by clicking on the row of stars at the top. all the best

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Ok thanks, ***** ***** print it off the website u just gave me? And then do I need a solicitor to help me?

Yes you need to print that form and unless you read it and do not feel confident that you will complete it correctly you do not need a solicitor

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