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It’s regarding my auntie’s 6 month visitor visa application.

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Hello it’s regarding my auntie’s 6 month visitor visa application. I am going to prepare all the paperwork needed...Do I need...
1) my cousin who is going to sponsor from here, his bank statements
2) my auntie’s bank account, with money that my cousin has been transferring to her account to show that he financially provides for her.
3) do I need to show proof of my auntie being a widow, or do you think that could go against her?
4) my cousin, wife and two children who she lives with in pakistan, their immunisation cards, cousins work details, his and his wife’s identity cards, which shows proof of address, all checked and got affidavit by a professional.
5) my auntie wants to spend two eids here with her three sons and their families.
6) I have took out a travel insurance for a 6 month period, which will cover everything in case something untoward happens.
7) my cousin who is the sponsor, his house documents and financial proof that he can maintain her here whilst she is visiting...If there is anything else, please let me know,ThankyouI’ll be waiting for your reply...
I am an experienced immigration advisor and would be happy to answer your question.1 and 2 are correct you do need them.3. Whilst your aunt being a widower might suggest to the Home Office that she has less reason to return to her country of origin. You must not mislead the Home Office so if asked when applying about her spouse she must answer honestly.
4, 5, 6, 7 are correct.In addition, I would include evidence to show her ties to her home country such as ownership of property, source of income and maybe anyone who is dependent on her maybe by providing a letter of support stating that she will return and for what reason.
These are not essential but given that she has 3 sons in the UK it would help to show the Home Office that she will not overstay in the UK.I hope that helps,
Kind regards
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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Would you say it is good to provide evidence that she supports the family she lives with, or does her son back home need to show that he provides for himself, his wife and children?
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Also shall I get my cousin to show flight dates and details of which ticket he wants to purchase for his mam? Do you think this will help with the application, or not?
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
As the travel insurance is valid from 20th March 2020-20 September 2020
The ticket information would help as it would show an intention to return.If the son is not applying for a visa then it is good evidence to show she is supporting him. As it is a reason for her to return. All reasons to show that she will return and has ties to her home country will be good to evidence.I do hope that helps, please do rate the answer.
Kind regards
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Her son lives with her in pakistan. The visa will only be for her to come and spend time with the rest of the family. So would you say, that her son should provide evidence that he is self sufficient, or would you say that we can show that the money that is sent here from her financial provider, their mam uses it to provide financial maintenance for her son and family that she lives with?Sorry I’m a bit confused. That’s why I’m double checking...
I am happy to clarify.If she is supporting her son in Pakistan then I recommend providing evidence of that as it shows she has dependents in Pakistan.You must ensure not to mislead the Home Office as it is a criminal offence and a reason to refuse a visa. So if her son is not dependent on her then you do not need to make that a argument or provide evidence for it.Kind regards
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
The only problem is that in the past application my cousin did to sponsor his mam, they have shown that their brother is not dependent on her. So would you suggest that they just show that he’s not dependant as they will be able to see from the lady application?
My cousin in pakistan is working full time and he does have a side business too. This is the truth.
As mentioned it is an offence to mislead the Home Office so I would not recommend saying he is dependent on her.
In addition, they would look at the previous application and such a discrepancy could be used as a reason for refusal.I hope the answer makes sense, please let me know if not. If it does please do rate it.Kind regards