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Just to clarify then. Before even going to court, if I send

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Just to clarify then Jim. Before even going to court, if I send him my letter asking for payment before making a formal claim, given that he's already refused offers to come and look, can I refuse any offers he now makes - a bit late in the day - to come and see the damage for himself? I want to get the plaster removed to make sure the brickwork has not been compromised and I'm a little concerned that he'll receive my letter and ask to come in, by which time it won't be just a few cracks but the best part of the wall stripped of plaster. Thanks again for your swift reply to my main question. I'm amazed at the service. It's fantastic.

Hi, this is Jim.

The thing to bear in mind is the court's say litigation should be a last resort. There isn't much else you can do though if they are not corresponding with you. You can give him another 7 days perhaps to make it crystal clear what you plan on doing and say that you will refer the letter to the court's attention if he subsequently disputes the claim or calls your conduct in to question.

It cannot go on indefinitely so the best way forwards is to give him a date to respond by. This is to protect your back in case he changes his mind and decides he wants to settle this after all.

Let me know if you want me to check a proposed draft letter to him - I'm happy to do so and offer suggestions to refine it or to add any important content.

And thank you for the kind words - I'm glad it has helped your situation and please come back again.

Have a good day,


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Customer: replied 3 days ago.
Thanks very much. I have written a draft and may send that over. It's probably longer than it needs to be as I've included a 'summary of events' and 'evidence for court' among other things. I don't know if that would be an issue though as I'm just trying to spell things out very clearly. He actually works for the police but not as an officer, something like in the car pound. I would imagine he'd want to settle rather than it go to court and that's what I'm hoping of course. The claim is only £500 unless the brickwork is indeed messed up in which case, obviously more.
Thanks, you can include the details in the letter - you wouldn’t be criticised for making it a lengthy draft
Customer: replied 3 days ago.
Well, I might send it over to you in the coming days if that's ok. Get your pipe and slippers ready and you can make it your bedtime reading :)
I will! No problem, speak soon