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Out of the blue I have received a debt collectors letter for

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Out of the blue I have received a debt collectors letter for non payment of bill in the name of a management company for one of my two flats. It was news to me especially that I have not received any bill for outstanding service charges, no other correspondence, no reminders or any notifications prior to Debt collectors letter.
JA: What state are you in? And is a local attorney or other consumer protection advocate helping with this?
Customer: I have two properties with Warwick Estates and consistent paymenttrecord of any bills, so am at a loss. No there is nobody helping me with this so far.
JA: What steps have you taken so far?
Customer: The letter is dated 02/06/20 with 7 days to pay fron that date. I immediately tried to contact Warwick Estates,couldn't speak to anybody personally but there were just three options: chat on line, request a call back or sent email. Did all three but the chat on line was useless as they just referred me to the debt agency and then cut the chat.
JA: Anything else you want the Lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: I have been stressing out over the last three days, had a confirmation to my call back and was able to add more comments but still was unable to talk to anybody.

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How can I help? Are you asking if you are liable?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
no. Yes in so far that I had no bill, no other communication over the period of the debt, no notification of it being passed to debt collectors, on the other hand, if this is correct why has Warwick Estates never contacted me considering that I have consistent record of any bill ppayments to them and anybody else.I would have been stupid on my part to completely ignore a substantial bill without quiry,

Trying now.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good morning Jo, it is Halina again. I need further advice

Go on?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It is the saga with Warwick Management company. I shall giveyou a timeline:
*last monday WE phoned and said that my property is with Warwick Premium
* Mr Rob Cox from WP emailed and asked how he can help, I replied with explanation and asked to be provided with invoices and I offered to pay any outstanding money as soon I the invoices are supplied
* he answered that I must contact debt collectors, nothing else
*I expained that I need evidence of invoices, that my account with Warwick was never set up, I had no customer number, no correspondence prior to debt collectors and no direct debit with WE or WP
* I was than contacted by yet another person this time from WE, although I was originally told that the matter was with WP, saying I must deal with debt collectors
* I yet again confirmed my previous offer, for the third or forth time, and suggested that they either take my offer or they can take me to court
*The last person also decided to just call me Halina, which i was affronted by and said so, and signed his emailed Kai?
* the responce was ...I must speak to DC!
* I replied that if they persist with this line of suggestions I will not answer further emails
* Kai replied, they have not changed their position
However, they never disputed that I have not got client number, no account has been set up, no direct debit or that they could have contacted me by email. What else can I do, please?
Thank you Jo.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Jo, you don't need to call you can just write an answer.

Sorry for the delay.

Nothing much has chnaged though. you just refuse to pay until you receive an invoice.

All this takes is one letter to that effect. Then just ignore them unless they send an invoice or send a court summons.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you Jo. Halina


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello Jo, I have asked my MP to help me, he contacted Warwick Estates and as a result I have received another email from Dpt Collectors today, 22/06/2020. This is the content of the email:
Dear Ms Tucker,We write in relation to the above subject matter and further to your recent correspondence regarding the same, the contents of which we note.By way of update, we are currently liaising with our Client to obtain copy demands served in relation to this matter for your ease of reference and further review.Please note that at the point of our instruction, the correspondence address held for yourself by Warwick Estates was 3 Elizabeth House, Anglian Close, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD24 4RA.Should you assert that an address update request was provided to our Client prior to the demands being served and the account referred to ourselves, we should be grateful for supporting evidence of the same for us to review further with our Client.Our Client is only obligated to write to the last known address for service in order for the invoices to be deemed served and remain valid, so in the event that Warwick Estates were not provided with any alternative addresses, we assert that the demands have been actioned and served accordingly.Please find attached herewith an up to date statement of your Service Charge account provided by our Client which reflects the sums that our Client considers owing on account. Should you assert that further monies have been remitted which have not been accounted for, could you please confirm:The amount of the payment made
The date that the monies were sent to our Client
The reference used when submitting the monies
The bank account details that the monies were paid intoWe should also be grateful if you could confirm whether the sums have been debited from your account, together with providing any supporting evidence of the same for our further review.The above requested information shall enable our Client to attempt to trace the same accordingly. Please be advised that without any documentation to reflect the same, we assert that the balance remains due and owing.We look forward to hearing from you within seven days of the date hereof with the information requested from yourself, and can confirm that upon receipt of the invoices requested from Warwick Estates we shall supply a copy of the same to you as requested.Yours Truly,KateKate Rigby
Assistant Account Manager***** Liverpool L1 5AS DX: 28953 Liverpool 2
E:***@******.*** W:
T: 0151(###) ###-####F: 0151(###) ###-####
VAT No.(###) ###-####30 Company No. 06722257
Privacy Notice They sent a statement of accounts, unfortunately I can only send it to you as an attachment. It Is dated 8/06/2020 but sent to my rental property.
Also, I have sent this email to Warwick and Cc it to JBBleitch:
The letter from JB Leitch states that ’Despite formal requests’ I have failed to pay service charges and fees for Flat 3 Elizabeth House. Additionally the letter also states that ‘ (I) must not contact Warwick Estates Property management LTD, as for legal reasons (JB Leitch) have instructed them not to deal with me’ I would like to reiterate here that I have had no invoices or demands from Warwick Estates since they took over from previous Management Company. I would also like to point out that the address on the letter from JB Leitch is totally wrong, as it is not my postal address.Contrary to what they are saying, there is no legal reason for me not to contact the property management company, the problem is that Warwick Estates are refusing to deal or cooperate with me, despite my continuous assurance that I am willing to settle the entire outstanding sum owed providing Warwick Estates furnishes me with detailed evidence of service charges, and explanation of ‘fees’ as mentioned in JB Leitch letter, in the form of demand addressed correctly to my post address and not to flat3, Elizabeth House, which is my letting property.As I have not had any invoices or demands, According to section 18.1 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, under service charge, demand must be in writing and contain the correct landlord’s name and postal address.On the receipt of the demand I will pay the amount and that, if Warwick Estates do proceed to court or issue a section 146 notice, I will defend it on the basis that I have had no demands and the action of the landlord/management company is premature and unreasonable and I will ask the court to award costs against you on that basis.In view of the above and the amount of correspondence between myself and various members of Warwick Estates and Warwick Premium, it is not unreasonable of me to expect Warwick Estates to provide the requested demand/s within 7 days from the date of this letter. (sent 12/06/20)
What do I do, please?
Mrs H. Tucker
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The sent and what... should be after Mrs H.....

All you really need to do is refuse to pay until they give you an invoice and invite them to sue if they refuse.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello Jo, Warwick had finally provided me with the missing demands! The total amount of the retrospective demands and the current period demand comes to over £3000.00, which is a lot of money and I would like them to pread it over more than a year, possibly 18-24 months. I am happy to pay the current demand in full, so i am just thinking about the retrocpective demands. What are my options, please?
I meantime I had received a performance questionnaire from the actual landlord of the estate, clearly questionning the efficiency of the service that Warwick is providing. I had sent them the case less than a week ago and haven't heard back yet. Please advise. Regards. Halina

Do you owe the money?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Do you mean if I have that amount? I want to ask them to spread the cost over at least a year, which is not unreasonable. Surely?

No, I mean do you owe them the money?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
These are the demands for 2018- to present time, so presumably I do as its for service charge. The fact remains that I never previously received them and it wasn't until their solicitors/ debt collectors also started asking for the copies of the demands that Warwick had finally produced them just now. It took the entire June, now they want me to pay the entire amount within few days!!