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If my child’s other parent is not on the birth certificate

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If my child’s other parent is not on the birth certificate and does not have PR, am I obligated to respond to his solicitors warning letter about child arrangement proceedings? Wouldn’t he have to obtain PR first before making any requests?
Hello I will try to help you. It is
best to respond to correspondence as he can always apply for a pro and he will get it and you will look difficult if you refuse to engage at this early stage.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. I will respond. However, is it an obligation by law to grant the other parent to spend time alone unsupervised with my child if he doesn’t have PR yet and my child has never spent time alone with him?
Hello. There is no legal obligation if there is no PR and no court order . But unless there are exceptional circumstances and not in the interests of the child for there to be PR and contact , the court will make contact orders in his favour so best to try and agree , save money and stress . You should either reach agreement after correspondence or even better attend mediation. It also depends on the circumstances case by case basis. If the child doesn’t know his father at all for instance , it maybe that cafcass May consider it in the best interests of the child for the meetings to Initially take place In a supervised contact centre for a period of time and slowly to become unsupervised.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your detailed answer. Is it likely that unsupervised visits will be granted if my child is 2 years old, has no attachment to his dad and has a serious health condition that requires daily care which he has only ever received from me and my mother since birth? I have never stopped contact, apart from now that the doctors have given me strict instructions to self isolate as my child is extremely vulnerable right now and have allowed him to have contact with him at my mothers house supervised along with FaceTime calls to keep the contact between them. My son will just be very distressed if he has to spend time with him when he doesn’t know him and that could result in health issues from stress.
Very welcome.
Cafcass reports are likely to be commissioned in your case to assess the situation and make recommendations to the judge. I’m sorry I am unable to give any predictions at this stage as it really depends on all circumstances, the cafcass report and the judge. However, it is good that FaceTime continues and may still remain under this pandemic situation and your child’s health issues, but I cannot say for sure.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you God bless you ❤️