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Dear All, I have just decided to separate from my abusive

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Dear All,
I have just decided to separate from my abusive partner (lived together for 10 years). We live together, just the two of us, and own the house jointly, I am the main earner and have always been. He has never brought in more than 2K pa. I put in 85% of the purchase money for the house. The agreement had been that he contributed by being responsible for maintaining the house. He has thus far done little to maintain it as doors and windows are now falling apart/rotten (they were not in this state when we purchased) and the garden is now a mess and the agricultural land and hedging could be a lot better maintained. We have a joint current account, yet all savings are mine, in my name. Since he finds computing and finance management difficult, i have done all of this. He has been happy to let me do all the cooking and food/house management too, despite my asking for help/contribution. Once we separate fully, is he still entitled to half of everything? If possibly not, what would I have to do to prove that he has contributed so little? Thanking you in advance.

Hello I will assist today.

whether he would be entitled to half of property would depend on how it is owned.

If it is owned as Joint Tenants, then you both own all of it. Any split would have to be agreed between you, otherwise if sold the rule of thumb would be 50/50.

If the property is owned as Joint Tenants in Common, then the deeds would show what % each has.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It's that simple? Someone had suggested otherwise, which is why I asked. Thank you.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Pleased that I can reply. More info would have been useful. I am left to assume the following, and am not fully certain if they are true in UK law:
* No matter what the circumstances of separation from a partnership relationship, he is entitled to half of the property.
* There is no way I can make any claim against non-contribution to the endeavour.
At least please tell me whether the two points above are totally true or not before I begin employing solicitors I can barely afford?

The answer was correctly given about what he or you would be entitled to.

The first part of my answer is to find out from you how the property is owned.

The fact he has done little around the property would have no baring on the matter. You have both remained in the property making use of it.

If you are joint owners he is unfortunately legally entitled to his share. Unfair I know with what you have put in over the years, but that is the legal position. The only way you could possibly claim more, would be either if he agreed to it, or, you have a written agreement in place stating that money you have invested into the property was some sort of loan only. Without this, the law would consider that when you were living together, you have to spend money on a property, food, utilities etc, and you benefited from that.

I do appreciate that you may not like the legal answer to your question, but Imhave to give an honest answer and not just something a customer what’s to hear.
you are in an unfortunate situation, but the legal position is such as explained.

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding. Can I assist further?

james bruce and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** needed to know was that the legal situation was that straightforward. That is fine, I can now work with it. Your honest answer was all I wanted, and thanks for that. Just a little more clarification was all I needed to confirm. By the way, hope you don't mind my offering (as a fellow professional), the spelling is 'bearing' in this context. With kind regards ***** ***** you.