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What is the law about asking for your possessions back? I

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JimWhat is the law about asking for your possessions back? I mean 2 years later!!! Really is this legal?
Also I do not want to reply to him as I’m totally petrified of him and so not want to engage in any correspondence at all.
He has no receipts for any of the stuff and the watches and bike the only 3 things worth anything were bought by me and he’s said in his letter that they were but wants them back. Do I have to give them to him even if I bought them and own them?
I’m happy to return the bits and pieces he bought so could just contact one of his relatives to pick them up??? What do you think ?

Hi, like I say it comes down to who owns what. And if there is any implication that the items were gifts. If they are his then he can claim them back. Though he has up to 6 years to do so. The longer he leaves it the less likely the court would say he owns the property in my view. You do not need to reply to him - but if he issued a claim then the court will send you a response pack to fill out which you must do and return to the court. Otherwise he wins by default and you end up with a county court judgment (CCJ).
If you bought the item and you can prove you paid then they are yours. You are not married to him so the court looks at it simply who owns what. He shouldn't attend himself - you can call the Police on 101 if you are worried about him. Just tell him he can send someone to collect the items which are actually his and that's it.

I hope this helps? If I have answered the question would you kindly leave me a 5 star rating (at the top of your screen), any follow up questions are welcomed.

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