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If I appoint a lawyer to represent me in a small CCJ

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If I appoint a lawyer to represent me in a small CCJ application to set a judgment aside hearing, can a third party who is a known vexatious litigator, serve a legal claim on that lawyer, even though he has only been instructed in one matter?

Hello, thank you for your question. My name is***** am a barrister and will assist you with this issue today.

Please be aware that this is an e-mail service rather than a live chat. Sometimes there will be some delay between responses but I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Generally speaking you can only serve a person's solicitor with claims if they are on the court record. Once a case concludes your solicitors will not be on the court record and so if the CCJ proceedings ended then the other party would have to serve you personally.

It is best to just check with your solicitor whether they remain on record or not.

In any event, you generally only have to serve a the "last known address" so if the other party doesn't know your personal address they may be able to serve your solicitor and expect them to forward it onto you.

It may just be a mistake, generally people will assume that if you had a solicitor instructed for one case, you are retaining them for all matters. If your solicitors are served with things which they shouldn't be served with then they will write to the person and explain they are not on record for service.

I hope this assists.

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