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Do i have right to access record od Social service which

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Do i have right to access record od Social service which they jakoś about my daughter adres i have parental responsibility to her, or they must ask agreement from her mother?
Customer: replied 4 days ago.
They hold about her

Hi thank you for your enquiry and patience. Generally yes you would have a right since you have parental responsibility however with children there is always the proviso that it should be in the best interests of the child, so if issues have been raised about you with regards ***** ***** child then the social services may refuse and you would have to go through the courts if the mother also does not agree. I hope this helps and all the best.

Customer: replied 3 days ago.
Thank you for your answer, the mother didn't raise any concerns about child it's all was about her, last talking with social worker she said that my wife didn't say nothing wrong about my relationship with child, but she had serious allegations of abuse for herself ( which is false allegations) without any proof only her stories. So in this situation should they give me access to the record or mother agreement is necessary?

You have parental responsibility for your child and you have in law a right to access your child's records. You should therefore request them, however only social services will be able to say why not if they refuse in the event the information about the mother's child cannot physically be separated from your daughter's.

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