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For years I have been suffering broken sleep at the hands of

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For years I have been suffering broken sleep at the hands of my neighbour living below me. I haven’t been able to capture her deliberate actions over the 10 years. I now know why - she can hear everything! Talking, water running etc from my flat upstairs.So when my landlord gave me a recording device, she knew, a sit in from a witness, she knew because she heard them walking up the stairs with their Timbaland shoes. Why can’t I hear her? She has had one room soundproofed! I only figured this out. When I am home she is in her soundproofing room. When I am out she is out of the room.Over the years my health has become worse. I used to be active and worked full time now I can’t cope with part time work and my memory has been affected badly. I had to leave my job because I couldn’t stay awake or focus. I am afraid that she has learnt a lot of sensitive information about me and my son.How can I force my landlord (London & Quadrant) to put in sound proofing quickly without trying to obtain proof? She doesn’t work and spends a lot of time making life difficult.

Hi thank you for your enquiry and patience. It is not a legal requirement for a landlord to sound proof the property, however most will not oppose it if you were looking to do it at your cost. If it is due to poor quality of the flooring separating you from your neighbour that would be a different issue, you would be within your rights to ask the landlord to remedy that and you could suggest carpeting or the sound proofing. You would need a flooring expert or a builder to do a report supporting your claim that the flooring is barely a barrier between you and your neighbour and there is no privacy as the neighbours can hear everything from your home. You should not give up on complaining to the local authority, if they do not resolve satisfactorily you are within your rights to escalate to the Ombudsman Service:Local Government and Social Care and they will investigate and hopefully find in your favour. I hope this helps and all the best.

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** very helpful.

You are welcome.