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I have taken out a service agreement for virtual office

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Hi , I have taken out a service agreement for virtual office space which includes call handling, however this service was not provide , but had already paid fir the service . The handling and telephone line was not set up , as documents for compliance was not supplied, however I have been paying for a service which is not up and running. As I am already a client of there’s for a different company, they already have my documents for compliance. They have offered two good will gestures as the call handling was not set up . However the offers are not fulfilling the purpose of my needs. I am not wanting to terminate the contact . However they are saying I still have to continue to pay till the end of the agreement. Is there away out of this agreement?
JA: Where are you? It matters because laws vary by location.
Customer: Uk
JA: What steps have you taken so far?
Customer: Initially started with what they could offer to compensate us for the inconvenience. We were not happy with the good will gesture and requested for two months free which on declined , they only offered 1 month.
JA: Anything else you want the Lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: We have not supplied any compliance document . Is the contact legally binding or is there a way out of the contract?

Welcome to Just Answer, I am a practicing solicitor in England and Wales and I will be dealing with your case today.

Kindly note, I am not available for phone calls at the moment, however I can easily assist you via this online chat.

Hi there,

could you please confirm if it is a business2 business agreement ? or if you have signed as a consumer?

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
As a consumer

Thank you for your reply.

you have protection under the consumer rights act 2015, which provides that when a consumer buys a product or services it must be “of a satisfactory quality”, “fit for purpose” and “as described”.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
how do we get out of the service agreement

As the services fall short of what was agreed as the full promised services were not given to you then it would be deemed as breach of contract by the service provider.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
They are saying because the compliance documents were not supplied and still not supplied, they cannot set up the service, but will still charge us till the contact finishes in 2021. What should I do

You can write to the company to rectify the breach if it can be put right , within a reasonable time , else it would be termed as breach on their part.

You can also ask for compensation for their lack of service.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Do you have any example I could use to send a letter

Kindly click below for an example of the letter. You have to amend the letter accordingly.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
The terms and conditions for virtual office and membership agreement which was signed , can it be terminated

Yes, if the full agreed services were not provided

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Can you explain what a compliance works and if it was not provided can that , slow down the process of things being slowed down yet still take payment for a service
Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Was meant to say How compliance works

Could you please confirm if you have provided them your compliance documents?

Customer: replied 21 days ago.

Compliance docs -your ID and residence proof.

Any reasons why?

Customer: replied 21 days ago.

That might be causing the delay in setting up your account.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Because , it was believed that the same documents which were provided for another business, would be used to set this one up too
Customer: replied 21 days ago.
How do you think I should approach it ?

Kindly re-supply your compliance docs. If they still fail to set up your account within 14 days, then proceed with sending them the letter for terminating the account.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Should be still be compensated
Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Do you think we should take there offers
Customer: replied 21 days ago.
I will send you what they have offered

As the delay is from your end in providing the required docs, you can only ask for compensation after you have done what was expected from your end for enabling the service.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
They have offered us 1 month free with a virtual office .A physical office space with one desk & storage , and a few other this . This offer serves no purpose fir what require , however does not require a service agreement.Recent offer of 2 months free with extended contact to 22months
Customer: replied 21 days ago.
What do you think to these offers
Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Does this seem resonable

Thank you for your reply.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
What do think about the offers

Right, for how many months you have been paying them and not getting the services?

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
2 months

What is the term of the service agreement ?

Second offer of free 2 months will put right your loss /payments for months you haven't got what was promised.

So, provide them your documents , and go for this second offer.

You can negotiate that you do not wish to extend it for further 2 months though, however it is entirely up to you and your business needs.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
But will have to extend the agreement, we currently have a year agreement
Customer: replied 21 days ago.
I will send service agreement

So, that 2 months free is reasonable , and can be accepted.

You need to decide if to accept the offer or not . I can only guide you on the legal aspects.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Is there away I can service agreement

I did not gt your last reply?

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
I am wanting to send you the service agreement and wanted to know how to send to you

You have to be on your PC for uploading your docs.

However I will not be able to go through your whole agreement.

Just Answer is an information sharing platform in Q/A format.

You need full services, which is not possible on JA.

you can find a solicitor using the Law Society find a solicitor search option here: You can search by town or postcode to find one near you.

If you need further assistance, please let me know.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
File attached (PGGPM11)

If you have any follow-up question, please let me know

thank you.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
can you have a quick look a the agreement
Customer: replied 21 days ago.
File attached (ZL6ZQ3Z)

Hi there,

I can not go through you whole agreement.

I have already given you your options, basis on the input given.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
ok, if we take the 2 months free, and state we do not wish to extend for 22month, and they say no, whats step should i take next

As they can argue that the delay was from your end in supplying the required docs. You should try to settle it amicably and try to negotiate not getting the agreement extended for further 2 months,

Here they are giving you 2 months free , to cover the payment of 2 months that you had made to them. So, if they do not agree to your proposal of not extending it for further 2 months, then you have to accept, it being a fair resolution.

Thank you and all the very best.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Thank you for your help today .

My pleasure , thanks again and have a good day.

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