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I and my ex-girlfriend are co-owners of a house. We mortgage

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I and my ex-girlfriend are co-owners of a house . We mortgage the house50/50 in 2015. We opened a bank joint account for the house bills. The council tax, insurances and mortgage are in both names but the water bill, Scottish Power and internet are in her name. We always agreed to pay half each. We have2 young daughters aged 4 and 5. In January 2020 we separated. She moved out to her parents. I asked to have access to the bills and change my name to pay them in full, she refused and demanded to keep splitting until the end of court custody of the children. She cancelled the water and power 2 months ago and I had to open a new account. She received a refund from both places and are refusing to give me half claiming that she paid them for 1 year without living there and it's in her name.I understand that but since we moved in that I paid the bills alone and she only bought the food. She also kept asking for money for swimming lessons for the children I found out by email today that some months were not taken or credited. Can she refuse to give me the money back? Is that financial abuse?

Hello i am happy to help with your enquiry today.

What you need to do is itemise each of the outgoings determine who paid which bills. Add them together to get the cumulative amount. If you can send this through to me I am happy to review for you?

Customer: replied 18 days ago.
1200 for the mortgage, council tax,insurances, water, electricity and gas and from her account swimming lessons and internet in a total of 82.50. I was paying all the bills for almost years and her just the food. In January she divided in half and asked for 620 plus 25 for swimming lessons. In April she said without those bills and only the mortgage, council and insurances is 1093 my half is 546.88 plus 25 for swimming lessons.Today asked me for the 25 for swimming lessons but because of the lockdowns some payments weren't taken and she kept asking for money.She already saved from that £62.

Please let me know her cumulative total and yours. As two separate calculations with two sub total figures.

Customer: replied 18 days ago.
From 2015 until January 2020 the house monthly bills were 1200 she was buying the food and I don't have a way of checking the amount but in that sheet, you have my total.From January2020 until April 2021 we each paid 620. In April she closed the water and electricity and gas accounts and I had to open new and she said the new Total for the house was 1093 so 546.88 each.

You will need to get the statements from your bank printed and then prepared a written statement of all the payments and monies paid. When this is completed you will then need to request payment from your ex partner in writing. If this fails state on the page that you reserve the right to refer to this correspondence in any pending court proceedings.

If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Customer: replied 18 days ago.
ok, thank you for your help. Is she committing a crime like theft by requesting money for the children swimming lessons when she didn't pay a couple of times and received a credit from them? I also an email from them and emails from her requesting more money.

This would not constitute the crime of theft as you have provided the money.

Thank you for your enquiry.

Customer: replied 17 days ago.
it would not constitute any type of crime?

Was the money stolen from your account?

Customer: replied 17 days ago.
No but asks money under false pretenses, like for the swimming and then the refund.

Thanks very much for your enquiry.

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