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Ben Jones
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I purchased a Ford motor vehicle from a car sales dealer, 2

Customer Question

I purchased a Ford motor vehicle from a car sales dealer , 2 months later I received a letter from a loan stating £200 was owing to them by their previous customer?
JA: What state are you in? And is a local attorney or other consumer protection advocate helping with this?
Customer: I live in Wallasey Merseyside, CH417DR , my first enquiry, no advocate.
JA: What steps have you taken so far?
Customer: Loan company want the money owed to them or they will repossess the vehicle?
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: No,
Submitted: 8 days ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 8 days ago.

Hello, I’m Ben. It’s my pleasure to assist you today. I may also ask for some preliminary information to help me determine the legal position.

Expert:  Ben Jones replied 8 days ago.

Sorry for the delay, I had some technical difficulties at my end. Have you approached the dealer over this?

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
many times, he says it is nothing to do with him, it is between his customer, who he bought the car from and the loan company, he is now putting the phone down each time I call. I was not informed there was finance owing on the car, when I first approached him that I had received a letter from the loan company, he said he knew about the money owing but his customer promised to pay it off.
Customer: replied 8 days ago.
I was not aware that I would have to pay at this stage ?
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 8 days ago.

That is for a phone call only, which is optional.

Going back to your query, if there was some sort of finance on the car when you bought it, the lender will still be the official owner and will have the potential right to repossess it. Instead of getting embroiled in complex, expensive and stressful disputed, it may be best to pay the outstanding finance, considering it is just £200.

You will then have the right to make a claim against the seller (that is the dealer still, as they sold you the car), in order to recoup these costs.

If a party wishes to pursue another for financial compensation arising out of a dispute between them, they can potentially do so by making a court claim. However, as legal action should only be used as a last resort, there are certain steps that should be taken initially to try and resolve this matter informally and without the need to involve the courts. It is therefore recommended that the following steps are taken in order to try and resolve this:

1. Reminder letter – if no informal reminders have been sent yet, one should be sent first to allow the other party to voluntarily settle this matter.

2. Letter before action – if informal reminders have been sent but have been ignored, the other party must be sent a formal ‘letter before action’ asking them to resolve this amicably within a specified period of time – 14 days is reasonable. They should be advised that if they fail to make contact to resolve this matter, formal legal proceedings will be commenced to pursue them for compensation. This letter serves as a ‘final warning’ and gives the other side the opportunity to resolve this without the need for legal action. There are numerous templates available online for such letters and a simple search will bring up a list of useful results.

3. If the letter before action is also ignored, formal legal proceedings can be initiated. A claim can be commenced online by going to There will be a fee payable, which depends on the amount that is claimed. The other side will eventually get a copy of the claim and they will have a limited time to answer it. They could accept it and pay what is owed, they could accept it only in part and defend the rest, or they could outright reject it. They could also completely ignore it, in which case judgment will eventually be entered automatically against them. Also, it is worth noting that the simple act of submitting a claim could show the other side that this is being taken seriously and prompt them to consider negotiating a potential solution to stop the claim progressing further, such as offering full or partial payment of the amount sought in the claim.

Expert:  Ben Jones replied 7 days ago.

Hello, following my main response above, I just wanted to check that everything was clear. If you have any further queries about this issue, you can reply to me at any time on this portal and I will be happy to help. Thank you.

Expert:  Ben Jones replied 7 days ago.

Hello, I trust that everything has now been resolved to your satisfaction and your original question has been dealt with. If you have any further queries about it, please do not hesitate to get back to me on here. In the meantime, I wish you all the best.