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I have been informed that a secondary school I use to attend

Customer Question

Hi there,I have been informed that a secondary school I use to attend is giving out misinformation to a parent about me what is not true.They are stating that i take part in illegal activities, yet I have not ever done this nor would I ever dream to do so.I have a clean record and have never been arrested for anything.I am wanting to know what I can do about this as it could effect my social profile and also I don’t want this misinformation getting to my work place as it could result in me losing my job.Kind Regards,
Submitted: 13 days ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  RJM Law replied 13 days ago.

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Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Thank you I appreciate that a lot.
Expert:  RJM Law replied 12 days ago.

Thank you for the question.  This sounds like a serious breach by the school.   There are a few courses of acton.  Firstly, you may be able to take action for defamation.  In order to prove defamation of character there are two “barriers” which you must prove.  Firstly, you must show that there has been a publicised statement which is to your detriment.  You must be able to show that it is not true.  So just for an example, if you have been convicted of a crime, and maintain your innocence, and someone publicises this on social media you wouldn’t have a case as you have been found guilty by law.  You must be able to show that the statement is untrue.  Secondly you must be able to show that you have suffered or are likely to suffer a detriment due to the false information which has been shared about you. If you can do both things, then you will be successful in your case for defamation.  You should also make complaint about the school itself.  The first thing you require to do is raise an official complaint with them.  You will require to see this process through to exhaustion as well as any appeal procedures that may be in place or offered.  In addition to this, if you are not satisfied with the remedy achieved via these processes you can escalate your complaint to the government’s department for education who can act like an ombudsman and do an independent review into the matter.  If you have incurred any losses as a result or feel there has been a (legal) discrimination, you could look at additional legal action for these if you feel that route is necessary.  Finally, if they have distributed any personal intonation about you, you can report this as a data breach to the information commission office (ICO) under the General Data Protection Regulations.  You can also take legal action for this.  If all apply you can claim for all three simultaneously.

I shall provide you with a helpful link that will assist you in finding a solicitor/representative near your local area.  This will provide you with someone nearby your area who can assist you if required.

I hope this information proved helpful.  You will find a local solicitor who deals with these matters on the law society webpage which is as follows; (England) (Scotland) (Ireland) (N. Ireland)

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