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I need some help. I kicked someone out off my property in

Customer Question

Hello, I need some help. I kicked someone out off my property in September and I have that persons motorbike in my shed, I have given her until the first of December to come and collect it as I do not want to be responsible for it. Iv tried messaging her and several family members of hers with out a respons, I was hoping that maybe a lawyer could right her a letter giving her 1 more month to collect it but not sure what to do as I also have a written contract with her and her mum as well due to them both owing me money, her mum owes me £1000 and I gave her 12months to pay back and she owes me £600 and she has 6 months to pay back and these contracts started in September
JA: Where are you? It matters because laws vary by location.
Customer: I live in Swindon UK
JA: What steps have you taken so far?
Customer: I have written messages on WhatsApp of them both egnolaging the money owed and how long they have to pay it and also written text messages about her motorbike the only condition I have on the motorbike is she has to let me know when she is collecting it and her 23 year old brother isn't allowed to be near me or my property when she collects it due to his aggressive behaviour
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: That in some massages she has been verbally aggressive. My mum has copies of these massages as well and her and her family have blocked my number so I can not contact them so I have no clue on what to do anymore that's why I'm seeking advise and help
Submitted: 16 days ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 16 days ago.

Hello, Welcome to Just Answer.

Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 16 days ago.

I am a solicitor and I will be reviewing your question

Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 16 days ago.

Please note that I can guide you, justanswer does not provide legal representation and as such no legal lawyer/client relationship is formed.

Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 16 days ago.

I may not respond immediately, please bear with me. I will respond once done rest assured today.

Customer: replied 16 days ago.
Customer: replied 16 days ago.
I need to make u aware that iv had to change my locks to my front door and I have spoken to a pice officer, I haven't given names but they are aware of the situation
Customer: replied 16 days ago.
Sorry I won't call as I struggle to understand some things so if I get confused I can always ask someone to explain it better through here
Customer: replied 16 days ago.
Can I get your name please just for my own records
Customer: replied 16 days ago.
Ment to day spoken to a police officer
Customer: replied 16 days ago.
Customer: replied 16 days ago.
Oh she has already forfeited on one payment last month on the 27th of £100
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 15 days ago.

Thank you very much for your patience. A solicitor letter will cost you and since the claims will be two, your tenant and the moher's claim I do not think it will be proportionate for you to retain a solicitor to write the letter.

You just need to send them letters of claim details the basis of the moneys owed, howmuch has been repaid anf how much is outstanding and giving her 14 days to pay. Should she and/or mother not pay you, you can submit your claims on the moneyclaimsonline website due to the low value of the respective claims

With regards ***** ***** motorbike you have an obligation to give at least 2 times 28 days notices requesting that she picks it up and warning if not picked you reserve the right to dispose of  it. You could also sell it to recover the debt that she owes but only after the end of the total 56 days.

Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 15 days ago.

Any follow up please do not hesitate to send your message. I am glad to assiist and clarify anything for you. Thank you for contacting just answer. All the best

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
She's already had from September until the first of December and I have written this letter
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
File attached (GVG6TQ7)
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Is this OK. She doesn't live with anymore and her name was never on my tenancy ever as iv had a situation before where I had a joint tenancy then I was made homeless
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 15 days ago.

Hi, is this a letter that you sent to her between  and December or today after my guidance ?

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Iv not sent it yet, I would just like to make sure it's OK before sending it
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 15 days ago.

Hi, it is not easy to read but as long as you include her full postal address, the date of letter , brief background how she has lefyt the bike without making a plan to pick it up; that you can not keep it and cannot be accountable for keeping it safe you give her 28 days to collect it. You also warn that she has yet to settle the money that she owes you so if after 28 days she does not come you reserve your right to sell it to recover your money by way of set off.

When the 28 days lapse you will send a second and final 28 days notice and warn you will dispose of it by any means cheapest to ytou to include selling tit to recover your damages. You should make sue to keep a copy for your recofds and also to use the royal mail traceable post to prove that you woul dhave sent the warnings. If you have their email address sent a further copy by email. All the best.

Customer: replied 15 days ago.
OK thank you
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 15 days ago.

You are welcome.